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Help with Cushion Choice - Who would have thought this would


Aug 15, 2011
Hi All, Wow I think I stumbed across this website right at right time. Almost pulling my hair out over chosing a diamond :twirl:

I have found the following 3 Cushions and was hoping someone could help me with the questions below each one?


I'm worried the GIA Report says that the girdle is Slightly Thick to Extremely thick and it seems to look a little flat.


This looks better than the first one I think but is slightly smaller. I'm worried as this one states it has a Thick to Extremely thick Faceted Girdle.


This is the first one I fell in love with but it seems a lot more expensive than the other two for such a small amount of size. It's Depth and Table also seem quite large.

At this stage I am leaning towards the first one but I'm not sure I'm making the right decision as this is all so new to me.

Any advice would be SOOOOOO appreciated!!


Mar 14, 2009
Re: Help with Cushion Choice - Who would have thought this w

In terms of contrast patterning, I think I like the second stone you chose the best, but it's hard to tell how well any of these stones will perform without an ASET or IS image. Can you ask James Allen for ASET/IS images for these stones, and then show them to us?

The first two stones may have some light leakage and the third stone looks like it shows a bit too much obstruction (reflected head shadow) potentialy making it a bit dark in the middle.

I'm not sure that any of these look like outstanding stones... you may want to keep looking.
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