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Help Selecting Radiant


Mar 6, 2018
Hi all,

I'm choosing a radiant remotely, and I'm an absolute amateur at this I'm sure I am making mistakes, etc. I was hoping to get as many opinions from three finalists as possible. I have a gallery here: Radiant

I'm still getting details for one of them, but here are the rough stats:
  1. 2.01 F VVS1, Sym: EX, Table 66%, Depth 67.5%, Thick Girdle, 1.26 L/W @ 22.5k
  2. 2.40 E VS2, Sym: VG, @ 30k
  3. 2.54 G VS2, Sym: EX, Table 67%, Depth 70.9%, Very Thick Girdle, 1.31 L/W @ 29.5k
I've attached GIA for 2.01. GIA for 2.54 is here . You can see the cloud region in the diagram, but I'm not seeing it in the image or video. You guys think it is safe to ignore?
View media item 122496View media item 122493View media item 122488View media item 122489View media item 122490
I'm happy with all choices but here are some concerns/questions, and these are the things I'd love to hear feedback/confirmation on the most:
  • The 2.01 seems to be the nicest quality overall but smaller. However, there seems to be a bit of a stronger bowtie effect. Is this just a lighting trick?
  • The 2.40 had a pretty noticeable "right-side only" bowtie to me. I was wondering if this were related to the symmetry. I'm somewhat putting this one last out of the three because of that.
  • Should I worry about the depth of 70.9% for the 2.54?
  • The 2.54 also seems to have a bit more of a yellow tinge compared to the others. That seems expected given the G color vs E/F color. Is this as noticeable in real life, or is it a lighting trick?
  • The 2.54 seems to have the most "facets". One thing I noticed in the GIA reports is that the 2.54 seems to have facets that are more evenly spaced in surface area compared to the 2.01. Is this considered more or less desirable?
I have video I could share if this would be more helpful and if there is interest. Thanks in advance. Looking for relatively quick feedback if possible.


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Feb 14, 2014
I am not an expert on radiants, but to my* eye, I preferred the G for its more even twinkle pattern. The F seemed to have a noticeable bow tie, and the E seemed to have a larger crushed ice X pattern with less consistent size flashes on the rest of the stone.

The G, while you could tell the color next to the E and F, looked great in the setting (i.e., not yellow) and has the most consistently sized flashes throughout the stone. (Again, to me*)


Jul 25, 2005
The F and G are both nice. For whatever reason the E fails to interest me.


May 20, 2016
I'm in full agreement with @Starfacet . The G is the best of the bunch visually. Will they provide an ASET?

Just to give you some comps on other stones that are nice too.

You can also reach out to DiamondsbyLauren. They are very good with radiants.


Mar 6, 2018
Thanks all for the advice! I've refined choices now a bit more to the diamonds above.
  1. LEFT is a 2.54 G VS2 (same as from the first round): GIA
  2. RIGHT is a 2.11 F VVS2: GIA
Video of both is here:

Close-up video of the 2.11 is here:
Ignore the label in the first portion---the diamond is the 2.11.

These diamonds are basically the same price. Do you guys think the 2.54 G color is something I should weigh strongly? I like the brilliance of the 2.54 more, but I have an abstract complaint/tug that I should get something colorless.

Between these, is the 2.54 still the winner? The 2.11 has a slight bowtie, but I'm warming up to that look too. It seems like the 2.11 is catching the light a bit more than the 2.54. Is that just an effect of the light being focused on it a bit more, or is that an indication of which will have more shine?
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Mar 2, 2018
I'm no diamond expert but I noticed these are Lauren B diamonds - please check the clarity on these carefully - they tried to sell me a stone with a cavity and said it wasn't a big deal. LB has gorgeous designs and some really pretty diamonds but definitely do your research on the stone!! !!!
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