Help? Question about a Scott Kay engagement ring setting


Jun 25, 2011
Hello everyone. I'm new here but have been looking everywhere on this site gathering info for an engagement ring purchase. Invaluable!

I've come across a Scott Kay ring setting that I'm fixated on now, and I've been offered a fantastic price on it. My only question about it is that looking at the setting from the side there is a slight asymmetry to it, i.e. one side appears to come higher to the center stone than the other. Mind you it is a minute difference and not a glaring deformity. I'm wondering if this is can be a function of the crafting of the ring, or should a designer piece such as Scott Kay be spot on perfect? The vendor had a few of the style and they all had some very very slight variations.

If i search elsewhere the price may break my budget. I'm seeking a little more peace of mind with this particular ring--I don't want to feel like I'm purchasing an imperfect second! But if there are true variations in the craftmanship, I can understand that.

Any help or opinions on this are welcome. I need to make a decision very soon, so I'm soliciting help.



Jul 1, 2011
Re: Help? Question about a Scott Kay engagement ring settin

I know that for all hand finished jewelry, there will always be a slight variation in the look. That being said, I'd say that a designer like Scott Kay should be symmetrical...but if it's a minute difference and you're getting a price break on it, I'd go for it! :naughty: How often do you get price breaks on high end designers? :D

Ultimately, it's up to you. If you really like that ring and even you think it's a minute asymmetry, then I don't think that anyone else will notice. I mean, who inspects your jewelry more than you, you know what I mean? :wavey: :D

Either way you choose, I hope you end up with a ring you'll love and enjoy!!
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