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Jan 2, 2003
I'm new to all of this and apologize, in advance, for not knowing a whole lot about diamonds...but if you could offer some advice or help, that would be really appreciated. :wavey:

My boyfriend and I have gotten to the point where we are looking at different cuts, rings, options... I had picked a beautiful looking diamond (loose stone) and setting that I liked and set it aside for him to look at. Although money is partly an issue, he just wants to know how to get the best deal. We don't know if there is bargaining power in the jewelry industry-We aren't sure if they have hyped up how nice this diamond is-We wonder what the best jewelers in town are (Las Vegas)-and how to know if you're getting your money's worth but with obvious quality. He needs to know what to ask or look for when comparing diamonds in his search.

We were looking in the $7-9,000 range, and I had been looking at a Leo Diamond. I am still pouring through all the posted comments but wondered if you could offer anything more to consider or think about, as well as any opinions. Thank you so much.

The loose stone I mentioned is 1.02 carat, I believe...E color, I think SI1 or 2 (sorry I can't remember more specifically), Leo marquise. Although I truly liked it, I do not have to be set on it. I may be heading back today to check them out again.

Do you have help for couples brand new to this? Thank you! J


Jun 27, 2002
Hi loveforlife,

Some of the best cut and most beautiful diamonds in the world can be right here on pricescope.

Please check out the tutorial video, here on pricescope.

learn about the various technologies, involved
in diamond grading, also found on pricescope.

And always feel free to ask questions when your in doubt,
right here on this forum.

Hope that helps!

Buy Informed!

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