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Discussion in 'RockyTalky' started by shooter812, Mar 14, 2002.

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  1. shooter812

    Mar 14, 2002
    by shooter812 » Mar 14, 2002
    One Last sanity check

    I have been looking at 2.0ct diamonds for the last 3 months. Until I found this site, I was not able to objectively rank-order the diamonds I was viewing. Thanks to all….

    This is the diamond that has made it to the top of my list. I would like to get comments (one last sanity check) before I purchase this stone.

    Price - $16,500
    2.04 ct Round
    H VS2
    polish-Very Good
    symm-Very Good
    proportions-Tolkowsky Ideal Cut
    total depth – 61.4%
    table width – 57%
    crown height – 14%
    pavilion depth – 43%
    girdle – medium faceted
    culet – none

    Ideal-Scope – Medium to Excellent

    Cert is EGL – is this an issue or concern?

    Thanks in advance for your comments…


  2. lawmax

    Dec 31, 1999
    by lawmax » Mar 14, 2002

    EGL is an issue for me and most of the experts I've seen post an opinion on the subject. In many cases, an EGL graded diamond is up to 2 color and clarity grades off of the way GIA or AGS would grade. I haven't looked up price comparisons for you, but you would want to know, I imagine, exactly what you are buying and paying for.

    If you are really interested in an EGL graded diamond, you can ask the seller to send it to GIA or AGS for you. You can try to make the arrangement that, if the stone comes back graded exactly like the EGL report, you will pay the vendor's fee for the GIA cert. If it should come back with lower color and/or clarity grades, you will know what you are buying and may be able to negotiate on price if you still want the diamond.

    Hope that helps you. :)
  3. larry

    Mar 7, 2002
    by larry » Mar 14, 2002
    Here is a Hearts and Arrows diamond for $15838.94 that might be very good. Just see if you can get the Sarin report first to check the cut. It has been graded by AGS. There are quite a few diamonds greater than 2 carats with AGS and GIA reports for the same price or less.

    Cut RB
    Carat 2.15
    Color H
    Clarity SI1
    Price $15838.94
    Price per/Carat $ 7366.95
    Depth % 62.1
    Table % 57
    Crown Angle
    Pavilion %
    Girdle 1.0-1.9
    Culet P
    Polish IDEAL
    Symmetry IDEAL
    Fluorescence NONE
    Cert. Notes AGS-0? H&A
  4. buttercup

    Feb 19, 2002
    by buttercup » Mar 14, 2002
    i looked at prices for you...
    is that stone of your's from a b&m?
    pricescope shows 2.04 H VS2 from $14596 to $19645, but those are all for GIA stones

    I'd worry about the egl too, i know a ton of people say they are fine, but i had more than one friend get boned by an egl cert. you might be paying $16,5 for a J SI2.

    have you actually seen this stone? and you're happy with it? it gets a good score on the HCA but with angles it might get a totally different should get your hands on the angle numbers.

    do you absolutely positively have to make the 2.0 mark? something right under 2 will still look like 2.

    how about these...
    1.9 G SI1 superbcert (actually premium cut, doesn't have perfect H&A, but does have a fabulous brilliancescope) $13679 0.4ex HCA
    7.93-7.98 x 4.93

    2.01 H SI1 AGS0 from whiteflash 1.6ex HCA $14040 7.99-8.07X5.02

    1.9 H VS1 AGS1(H&A) 0.5ex HCA $14615 8.04-8.07x4.9

    2.061 H SI1 AGS0 8.26-8.29x5.01 0.6Ex HCA $15830


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