Help Needed! Is this stone worth the quoted price?


May 6, 2011
Hello everyone,

I've been actively searching for my engagement ring/stone for 2 months. My fiance's budget is $5000, which means that I am looking for a center stone of approximately $3500 (assuming a white gold pave-set ring will cost around $1400-$1500).

I am trying to stick as closely to the budget as possible, and after reading for weeks I came to what I thought was achievable within $3500: 0.85-.9 carat RB, F-H color, Ideal/Excellent cut, Si1 clarity (GIA).

I went to a diamond broker and told him my requirements. He told me that, with my restricted budget, I would do better looking at EGL diamonds over GIA.

I am very aware that EGL (Europe) has a poor reputation and should be avoided, but the broker said if you aim for perfection in EGL it will fall into acceptable parameters of GIA. He is offering me the following stone at $3600:

Carat: 0.91
Color: D
Cut: Excellent, H&A
Clarity: SI1
Measurements: 6.19-6.30 mm

I've attached the grading report he sent me for more details.

I saw the diamond in person and really liked it, and after seeing it under a loupe I am ok with the inclusions (his jeweler has assured me that it's "prongable").

My dilemma: is this stone worth $3600? I know that cut is the most important consideration, and on the HCA this diamond scores a 1.3 (using the crown/pavillion %s given). However, the 0.11 mm difference between minimum and maximum diameters really concerns me - can a stone that is out of round also be ideally cut? How much does this influence price?

I would really appreciate your collective guidance - thanks very much!



Apr 4, 2010
why not look for a GIA F-H SI1 instead of a EGL with 'higher' specs?


May 6, 2011
Thanks for your reply.

I have been looking online daily but haven't come across a diamond that fits 0.85-.9, F-H, Si1 GIA in the $3500 price range. When I asked my broker to find GIA diamonds he said he does sell them but I would be paying extra for the GIA "name".

I'm very new to this, do you have any recommendations for a stone online?


Dec 26, 2009
Congratulations on your upcoming engagement.

I am too have been shopping diamonds for my fiancee and one thing I've learned and accepted is that when you have a strict budget, a excellent/ideal cut non-H&A will be more than satisfactory and you will pay roughly 10% less than the H&A version. That way you can stress your budget further by either increase the carat, color or clarity.

And if you willing to accept the fluorescence on the diamond, try to lower the color to I or even J, with medium to strong fluorescence, your excellent/ideal cut diamond when face up still very white.

That being said, if you can slightly stretch your budget, to $5300, I would recommended the following combo:

1.01 Carat J Color SI Clarity w/ medium Fluorescence. $4360
EX cut, VG Polish and Symetry
1.6 on HCA

Pave setting: 18K white gold. $950

Total: $5310

And you are buying the GIA grade diamond from one of the best vendor around, BGD.

Good luck with your search.
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