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Help me find a vendor to find or cut a stunning Ideal diamond high up on the Alphabet.


Sep 5, 2018
Call gemConcepts or DistinctiveGem to inquire about a custom cut or see if they might have something coming down the pipeline that fits the bill and your budget.
But the thing is, read their posted terms of sale and returns policy on their website first. Then if you want to, you can try and ask for a deviance in their written policy to match your wants and needs. You’ll want that agreement of their willingness to waive whatever their normal policy is, in writing.
I don’t know how to address seeing brown or grey in a low alphabet stone thats not noted on the report as having a tint.
If the ‘spotty color’ is simply how the body color of the stone is bounced back to your eye via the facets - yoram/diamonds by Lauren had a whole thing going on a while back on some new “old” cut cushions being cut to bounce white light to your eye vs another special old mine cut designed to bounce back the body color. If that’s what you are seeing, like the stone in the link three posts above - I don’t think that’s a stone with splotchy color. It’s body color isn’t zoned at all.

And if you are banking on getting this done and returned so the charge doesn’t roll over on a credit card billing period, you’ll need to make the purchase the day after your billing period rolls over.

Best wishes.
Rfisher very helpful tips, thank you I will definitely keep those in mind. As I said there have been a few posts of diamonds that I would have been the very happy to call mine.


Feb 29, 2012
Probably not what you wanted, but things to look at:

David at Diamonds by Lauren can also look for you.
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