Help! Looking for 1.2-1.5ct round


Nov 5, 2015
Hello all! I have been reading a lot on Pricescope over the past few months and have learned a ton - but I'm looking to buy in the next few weeks, so I thought it made sense to get some more opinions!

My top priority is cut - size is a bonus, but would much rather have a smaller and higher quality/better cut stone.

Budget: $10k or less
Size: 1.15ish - 1.4 ct
Clarity: VS2 (could also entertain SI1)
Color: H/G or better
Polish/Symmetry: Ideal
Florescence: don't care
Depth: 60-62
Table: 53-58
HCA: <2

So far I've been looking mainly at James Allen and Whiteflash. JA seems to have lower prices, but even using the advanced filters at JA for depth/table, it really seems hit or miss when it comes to cut. The cut/quality of Whiteflash ACA diamonds looks phenomenal, but there definitely is a $$ premium associated with them.

A few questions I have for you experts!

1. Inventory seems to change very quickly, especially on JA - some days I find a bunch of stones I could see myself buying, other days I find close to nothing.. is this normal?

2. I see some JA images that I really don't like, even though the stone's stats line up with my standards - how much of a role does possible poor photography play, or are they just poorly cut stones? It seems that a slight move in the focus point from the camera could make a huge difference in how the diamond looks in the image

Any other thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D


Jan 29, 2015
Great to see your doing your homework. Have a look at these three diamonds by HPD / Crafted by Infinity. They are stunning and backed up by a lifetime 80% buyback and 100% upgrade if you ever decide to go larger in the future. I bought my diamonds without seeing them and one of the best purchases I have ever made.

The sparkle of the diamonds will amaze you, the are all Super Ideal with low HCA scores! I think there is a video attached to two of the stones below.

Good luck in your search!


Jan 11, 2006
There are definitely stones in the "good number"range that I wouldn't choose to buy. Images are very helpful in that regard! With JA, they are owned by a diamond supplier so many jewelers have access to their stones so there is a lot of turnover in stones of certain specs. Also, you have to narrow down a selection there to three and then ask for ASET or idealscope images.

I have WhiteflashACA's for my earrings, and I have no regrets paying a little more for the best cut. In the long run, it is just worth it to me, and especially for a ring stone.

This is a very nice one:

I prefer VS2, personally, but if the above stone is out of budget, this one looks nice:
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