Help finding a wedding band

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Mar 16, 2006
Dear Pricescopers,

I was hoping you might be able to help me find a wedding band to go with an engagement ring that used to belong to my fiance''s grandmother (it was given to her in 1935!). I don''t have a digital camera at the moment so I can''t post any pictures, but it is pretty much the spitting image of Buena Girl''s heriloom ring that is displayed in this thread: Like hers, it features a transitional cut round shape (which in this case is 1.12 carats, F-G color, VS2-SI1, measuing 6.65mm by 4.0mm), as well as two tapered step cut baguettes on either side (which are EF VVS2-VS1, weigh .12 carats each, and measure 4.75mm by 1.75mm by 1.5mm), set in a very thin platinum band. I tried to measure the bottom of the band and it seems to be roughly 1.5mm . There lies my problem.

I would like to get a wedding band that is not any (or at least not much) thicker than the e-ring, but haven''t had a lot of luck finding ones that are less than 2mm wide. Do you have any suggestions about where to look? Also, I am trying to decide whether I should get a plain band, or look for one with a more antiquey, art deco-like design - maybe wheat or scrolls or something. Do you have any thoughts about what might be pretty with this type of ring? The one requirement is that, in accordance with Jewish tradition, it not have holes or stones.

I am so sorry that I can''t post photos of my own ring, but Buena Girl''s really does look exactly like it. In fact, when I called my fiance to the computer to show him the likeness, he asked how I had managed to take pictures of his grandmother''s ring without a camera ...

... Thanks so much. I can''t wait to hear your suggestions.


Nov 10, 2002
If the wedding band cannot have holes or stones, does this also mean you cannot have the ring sized?

I have read that for strength wedding bands are usually not made any narrower than 2mm. I have also seen where rings are narrow but deeper and have been told that these type of rings are more prone to bending and that a ring should be wider than its depth.

Have you looked at the fay cullen website at antique styles, but check her return policy. Other jewellers and local jewellers to you could probably make you a custom ring to look like the original engagement ring and fit it, although are you allowed a shaped band or must it be straight.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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