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Help evaluating this RB / 1.7 /G/ SI1


Sep 29, 2016
Hi Everyone,
My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying an engagement ring and I stumbled upon this site and am obsessed with all of you and your knowledge! We are working with a local jeweler and are considering buying this diamond (see GIA report below). I've seen it in person and it is eye-clean and very sparkly. However, upon looking at the GIA report, I'm slightly concerned about the cavity on the side and the inclusions on the table (which I didn't notice when I first looked at it with my eyes but did see it through the loupe). It's priced at $15,500 (with a simple setting). Do you think the cavity and table inclusions are a deal breaker? Do you think this is a good value? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



Nov 7, 2015
The price is reasonable for a 1.7 G SI1 from a B&M store.
I would not worry about those inclusions on the table, if you did not notice them without a loupe.

Regarding the cavity, it is not something I don't want to see in a SI1 clarity stone, but it is only the fourth most pronounced inclusion. It may or may not be a big deal.

The inclusion diagram is unusually clean for a SI stone. I would reassess the stone in person and ensure it is not cloudy from "clouds not shown". If clouds are a non issue, it often says "ADDITIONAL clouds".

Lastly, the crown angle is too shallow at 32.5. Many recommend 33.5~35.5 for more dispersion (or fire).

For me, I would keep shopping. It is decent. But decent is not good enough.


May 22, 2014
By comparison I got an H SI1 1.71 True Hearts 000 ideal diamond from James Allen for just under $15k for the stone. Of course my H is less white than that G, but it's a sparkly well cut stone that is bright and has nice flashes of fire. I'm in love with it!

I traded in a stone that had a slightly shallow crown angle at 33 with pavilion angle at 41.2. It was still very pretty, but my new stone has a much better cut and is a far better stone with lots of sparkle.

My intention isn't to sway you, but to encourage you to look at a really great cut stone too before you make a decision.


Aug 8, 2005
Crown is too low. Chipping risk.

You want these stats if you are shopping in person:
Table: 60 or less.
Depth: 59-62.3
Pavilion: 40.6-40.9
Crown: 33.5-35

Keep looking.

I am not crazy about the cavity either for a ring stone.
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