Help! Choosing diamond studs/setting

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Jan 1, 2007
Hiya diamond gurus!

My gorgeous hubby has promised me diamond studs for my 30th b-day. We have a budget of about $5000 US. I've been lurking on these forums for a bit trying to decide a number of questions and thought I'd put it to you all.

I have a yellow gold ering and plain band. The ering is set with 60 points in a platinum setting on a yellow gold band. I pretty much only wear yellow gold.

My questions are:
1. I'm thinking 1.2-1.4 ctw RB for the earrings. Should I get them set in yellow gold to go with my other jewelry or is it not as important for the ears?
2. Is that carat TW going to look okay with my ering? I've looked at the 'show me' pics but it's still hard to tell how it will look on my ears. (I may get an upgrade/eternity in the future!)

3. I've got a claw setting on the ering and my RHR-I really like this but I've noticed on the ears it can be a bit droopy. I've also seen a bezel set (platinum mount surrouded by YG) that I like but ?a bit big with these stones.

I know, I know personal choice etc. But I'm hoping people can give me a bit of advice on what they've tried and even some pics.....

Edit: Whoops-meant to post this on RockyTalk. Sorry everyone!


Jan 13, 2006
Hi Aussie!

I''ll try to help, but I''m no expert, and it really is personal preference.

I''m kind of anal, so I wouldn''t mix metals. If I had a yellow gold ring, I''d get yellow gold earrings.

With your center stone being .60, I personally would probably go a bit smaller, but that''s just me. Many on here might not. I might go with about .30 to .40 each...However, if you think you''ll for sure get an upgrade, you might go with the 1.2 tcw.

As for settings, I love the Martini''s, but, you''d just need to go out and try different settings on with the size you''re looking at to see what works best.

Are you buying retail or looking at online?


Mar 14, 2005
I prefer studs in white gold or platinum settings. Unless you go with a bezel setting you don''t see that much of the metal and I think the yellow gold settings give a yellow cast to the diamonds. I would really recommend the martini setting as it sits low against the ear with no drooping and very little metal shows. As for stud size, personally I don''t see why there is any relationship between stud size and ering size since they are worn so far apart. If you wear a solitaire pendant then I think that should be a little larger than the earrings, but again this is just my personal opinion.


Mar 6, 2006
I like white metal for studs as well. I can''t wear white gold in my ears (allergy) so I have platinum;

Some love their martini stye 3 prong, but I love my 4 prong basket set. I think its really classic looking.

Also, I don''t think I would want my earring stones to be lager than my engagement ring stone.
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