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Nov 30, 2016
First off, I want to thank those on Weddingbee for referring me here!

I am in the market for an engagement ring, and I am set on a round diamond set in a 6-prong Tiffany setting. I’ve done my research, visited some stores, asked her friend to narrow down what my girlfriend likes, and now, I just need to pull the trigger.

As this is a symbol of our pending marriage and life together, I decided not to skimp out and spend more than what my “practical” budget should be. Of course, I still want to be financially responsible. Therefore, I need help on how to get the best “bang for my buck”. I expect to spend about ~$4,000.

1. Are the stones on James Allen of the same quality as those in jewelry stores in the NYC Diamond District? In other words, is an excellent cut, H, .8, VS2 on James Allen the same as an excellent cut, H, .8, VS2 in stores? The stores seem to be about $500 more expensive, meaning I can get a better diamond (in terms of just specs). Is there a reason I should buy from a private jeweler?

2. Does anyone have the 6-prong setting listed on James Allen? How close is it to the actual Tiffany setting? In fact, do I even have the right setting picked out? How do you like it - looks, durability, wearability, convenience?

3. I studied the 4Cs (looking at .8, VS2, H, excellent), fluorescence, polish, symmetry, L/W ratio, and a member on Weddingbee suggested I use the HCA calculator to determine the sparkle. Is there anything else I should be taking into consideration?

4. Lastly, the settings on James Allen seem priced higher. Do you recommend buying the stone online and getting it set at a jeweler? Which would cost less? If anyone can recommend someone in the Diamond District, please let me know!


Nov 15, 2016
The setting is a Tiffany replica, it is simple and classic and any girl will love it. If you want to buy local any jeweler willrepilicate a Tiffany setting for you. If you're on blue nile their signature ideal is the best way to go but slightly expensive. The most important thing to pay attention to is an high quality cut so you get a beautiful stone that you can't stop looking at. JA and BN both have great stones that you can trust. Also check out white flash. And if the stone is a GIA si1 you won't see the inclusions unless you are a jeweler or a dentist so consider si1 too

For blue mile check out this diamond: ld07799744 (links from them don't always work, but this link is: )
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