Hello- please help to choose. HCA doubts


Sep 27, 2015
Hello to all users! I'm the new one :) Pleased to meet you!
Can you please help me to choose between this two?

1.3 ct H vvs2
6.99 x 7.02 x 4.34 (gia) 6.99 x 7.02 x 4.33 (gcal)
Fl faint (can this cause over-grading?)
table 55%
depth 61.9% (gia) 61.8% (gcal)
crown angle 34.5° (gia) 34.0° (gcal)
pavilion angle 40.6° (gia) 40.4° (gcal)
girdle medium to medium 3,5%
crown height 15.5%
pavilion depth 43% (gia) 42.5% (gcal)
star 45%
lower half 75%
hca score 0.8 within TIC range (light return ex, fire ex, scintillation ex, spread vg)
aga/naja tool score 1A


1.37 ct G vs1
7.17 x 7.23 x 4.33
Fl none
table 57%
depth 60.1%
crown angle 32°
pavilion angle 40.8°
girdle medium to slightly thick 3,5%
crown height 13.5%
pavilion depth 43%
star 45%
lower half 75%
hca score 1.0 within BIC range (light return ex, fire ex, scintillation ex, spread ex)
aga/naja tool score 1B (crown angle 2B, crown height 1B)

Is the crown of G stone too shallow? The hca score is very good, but it's outside best cut grades by AGS and GIA on the hca chart. I'm not sure if this one doesn't go under "No Go Zone" category by Mr Holloway , but is it possible with 1.0 hca score?

Also G is not hearts and arrows stone (H is, at least by gia measurements, looking at gcal measurements it's not, but they say hearts and arrows excellent on gcal certificate)

Unfortunately I don't have DiamCalc to check this two.

I'll be very much obliged if you can clear this up for me. Which one will have more light leakage? Best regards!
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