Having Trouble Selecting Diamond Studs


Nov 11, 2013
Hello Pricescope, I have been away for a while. I am on the hunt for a pair of {small} but beautiful studs! Aiming for .25-.4ctw. I would like the budget to be under $800 and not overpay, but I just want earrings that I will be happy with for daily wear, and for them to be little tiny sparkly powerhouses. This is what I have narrowed it down to.

Brian Gavin's 20 pointers:

Blue Nile's Build Your Own Earrings, with filters for ideal cut/proportions (HCA tool might be useful here)

Whiteflash 3 prong Martini:

And I have seen some posts about I.D. jewlery lately, they have some as well:

Oh and I looked at Costco! Saw some in the warehouse.

Sigh. And I am probably overthinking this, because I'm not sure if you would even be able to tell a huge difference in diamonds of this size! Just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem. Is a premium worth it for lab graded/BGD H&A or should I just get some lovely little ones from WF?
Thank you for your input. :)


I feel that any size studs are worth having the most sparkle you can get! I recommend you reach out to Yekutiel at ID Jewelry, he has a way of matching the stones and finding you the most bang for your buck. I recently purchased a pair of studs from him and could not be happier with the little fire balls! Good luck - hope you find just what you're looking for. :wavey:
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