having diamonds set onto new band

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Mar 21, 2007
My fiance and I got what I thought was a wedding band that would look great with my engagement band. Well, once we were married and I started wearing the wedding band, I realized that it just overpowers my engagement ring! Both have diamonds, but my wedding band is thicker with an antique look about it, and my engagement band is just a simple dainty band. I wanted to know a ballpark figure for having the diamonds on my engagement ring set on a new (white gold) band, the same as my wedding band. There are 3 main diamonds adding up to 1 carat, and on either side of the 3 main ones, there are 3 tiny accent diamonds. Actually, the way it looks, it almost seems that a jeweler could simply remove the entire diamond section without having to "un-set" any diamonds themselves. Then they could just fuse (however that is done) it onto the top of the band I have chosen. I could be completely wrong though!

The engagement ring is sort of like this one (can''t find the pics of my own) only the band tapers down smaller right by the diamonds. I was thinking it would be possible to just remove the diamonds still in the setting because of that section on either side, the extra "bar" of gold that seems to be fused or otherwise attached to the band itself, but not like part of the actual band. Does anyone know how much this would cost (if it''s possible)? If this needs clarfying, or if you need my actual pics, I can take more, let me know, thanks guys!


Dec 30, 2006
I am sure someone with more experience will chime in but I don''t think its as simple as just removing a whole section of the ring with the diamonds in and placing it on a new band. I think you would need to buy a new setting and have your existing diamonds placed in that.



Nov 10, 2002
I have heard of rings being half-shanked and three quarter shanked. I think what they do is remove the ring e.g. below the borders and solder a new one on there. I don''t know if that is possible with this ring and may be something they do to worn out rings. A jeweller would be the person to ask advice about it from. Maybe one of the vendors here will chime in.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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