Has anyone bought a sapphire from IDJ?


Nov 8, 2014
For Christmas, my husband purchased a 1.5 carat 5 stone diamond ring from ID Jewelry. I am so in love with it (pics in my old threads). Anyway, I think I've decided that I want a sapphire ring that I can wear with it sometimes. In my head, I'm picturing a white gold band, u-prong set sidetones (diamonds), a diamond halo and a large sapphire...something in the 3 carat range.

Does anyone have experience with IDJ when it comes to gemstones? I have the very best experience with the 5 stone band and I expect that it would be much the same, but it does seem from some of the threads I've read over the years that sometimes jewelers are very experienced with diamonds and not so much with gemstones.

IDJ doesn't currently have anything on their site close to what I'm thinking, but they have a couple that are sort of close-ish on eBay.

So, what are your thoughts?


I have not purchased gemstones from IDJ however, have purchased a few diamonds. He has a lot of inventory and resources to find stones that are not listed on his site. I suggest you phone Yekutiel and ask if he has what you're looking for. He is very honest and trustworthy and if he feels he can't meet your needs he will tell you so. Good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for. :wavey:
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