Ha! Resolution at last.... I think!

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Nov 8, 2002
OK... big misunderstanding on my part... and the jeweller I was dealing with didn't explain it well. I called the branch of this jeweller that actually performed the OGI, and the OGI person there spent a long time explaining to me what the whole "millenium" label meant.

He explained that there are two main ways to measure a stone: OGI and Sarin. (needless to say, I already knew this) And he continued to explain that with each machine, different grading systems are used to label and interpret the results. E.g., a Sarin label comes back with numbers ranging from 0 to 10 next to each measurement, in correspondence with the AGS system.

Well, the system they use at this jeweller was developed by a company whose name/system is called "millenium"! Instead of rating the OGI measurements with numbers corresponding to AGS standards, they rate the measurements with their own "millenium" system, which simply consists of the words Excellent, Very Good, Good, etc.

Therefore, when the OGI machine at this jeweller prints out the label, it prints "ex" "vg" etc. next to each angle and depth measurement based on where that measurement falls according to this millenium company's standards for desirable proportions.

And so, it also prints the word "millenium" across the top of the label as an indication that this was the system used!

So it appears the word "millenium" on my OGI report has nothing to do with any inherent characteristic of the diamond itself, which is a GIA certified stone anyway. And even though this millenium system of assigning quality labels to certain measurements may not be as credible as AGS's system or Dave Atlas's 1A system, at least the numbers on the OGI are, in and of themselves, accurate. And as I said, they gave a nice result on the HCA.

So I think I can finally, finally breathe easy. The jeweller with whom I am directly dealing just did a poor job of explaining it to me... perhaps he didn't fully understand what the guy who did the OGI machine was trying to explain to him.

To put it more precisely, the guy who did the OGI said "'Millenium' is the company/vendor who developed the OGI system that we use."


Aug 15, 2000

The millenium diamond is a trademark of De Beers, and even though it might not have resulted in the most sucessful of De Beers promos, if it IS a genuine millenium then it should have some limited value due to the limited amount of diamonds offered in the one of the due to the millenium marking.

AGS while very broad and somewhat misleading in their cut grade is a recognized "standard" of cutting grades. Millenium is not. Just because a stone is cut to "millenium proportions" doesn't mean much as the cutter participating in DeBerrs program. The Millenium provenance, is only for authenticated Millenium stones.

Simply tell the OGI people to run the report using the AGS standards.....

It should concern you that they didn't do this from the start..... might mean there is something they want to cover up.

Before you consummate the deal, get it check, use an appraiser that you find and select, but use someone who isn't involved with selling stones.



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