Got any clothing pet peeves?


Jul 22, 2007
Pantyhose, nylons, whatever you call them. I've managed not to wear them in about 10 yrs and will never wear them again in my lifetime. Why would anyone think it's good to wear skin tight mesh that itches and rides funny and makes your toes look stupid. I'd much rather see varicose veiny legs than nylons on any woman!

Also, the bra thing. On my bras, with wide straps, I understand the slider can't be in the front. But for god's sake, is it that hard to make a bra where the sliders stay put?! If I've adjusted you once, I shouldn't have to keep doing it every couple hours.


Mar 14, 2009
1) Clothing manufacturers using spandex instead of making clothing that fits properly. Spandex has a time and a place, but it seems to me that making clothing stretchy has replaced decent tailoring. Unless you're a perfectly taught and toned yoga goddess, spandex will make you look gaunt if you're thin or like a sausage if you're average or have a larger build. If you get a larger size the spandex clothing just looks sloppy. Arrggh!!!!

2) Cheap synthetic fabric that's lovely and soft in the store and then pills like crazy the moment it gets washed. I want my clothing to wear well.


Sep 20, 2008
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those athletic shoes with the molded toes are so horrifying. blecccccccch! TOE SHOES! *shudders*

when i see them i feel like telling the person how stupid they look. but of course, i don't. i DO, however, cringe inside.

Aaaaaaaaaagh, the toe shoes! I HATE those things. I keep expecting the people wearing them to peel a banana with their toes.
OHMIGOD! Circe, I RARELY laugh out loud while reading, but that is exactly what I'm doing RIGHT NOW!

P.S. I own a pair of hot pink and orange Vibrams. As a muscle specialist, DH is obsessed with them.

Lol! I have a pair of lime green and light gray vibrams and I have to say they're much cuter than regular sneakers and fantastic to run in!

That being said my biggest pet peeve is sneakers in general, unless you are actually working out they should not be worn they just look awful IMHO.


Jun 11, 2011
E B, I really really hate cap sleeves too.


Sep 27, 2008
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I hate it when I buy a new pair of tennis shoes only to find on the first day I wear them that they pull the sock down into the shoe!
It so ticks me off. I just bought a new pair of reebok running shoes that do this. Grrrrr :angryfire:

I also hate the little strings that they sew into dresses and shirts that you are supposed to use to hold the dumb thing to a hanger.

I cut those strings off.

My biggest peeve is when people wear blue shirts. Also, it bugs me when someone wears red.

I do too as soon as I get them home, but I hate that I have to go through everything I bought and cut them off!

I am the OPPOSITE of this! I hate it when I go to buy a dress (especially formal evening wear) and someone has hung the dress with clips -because it's strapless!- instead of hanging it by the strings provided for that purpose! It kills me that the stupid clips make satin or chiffon run and it's right on your chest with no way of hiding it. This only aggravates me so much because I am not super skinny and there is alot of competition for the larger sizes. So, I if I ever find a dress properly hung and it fits me, I buy it even if I don't have the event yet.

I have no problem with you cutting them off after you've bought them, but they are there for a reason! With cotton dresses - especially t-shirt or jersey material (halters or spaghetti straps), the fabric warps from the weight if you hang it without the straps....sigh


May 18, 2008
I am very peeved by inappropriate clothing. No one over 30 should never wear any clothes from the "loud" stores in the mall, like Abercrombie, Hollister, Pink, etc.

I am also peeved when people wear clothes (especially bottoms) similar to their skin tone. People of my complexion should never wear khaki, but I see them wearing them all the time.
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