Google groups loose diamonds with really slimy stuff!


Jan 7, 2009
OK- I'll admit it, I can't stand Google Checkout.
Unbelievable as it may seem, this massive company does not accept phone calls- or even emails- from it's customers.

AS a merchant, this can be very frustrating at times- but this new change in the user agreement may be more outrageous.
I got a letter from Google checkout today informing me that
they no longer allow diamond sales to be paid for using google checkout.
Here's the page where Google declares what it won't broker payments for.
I can't see how they can equate gems with "Human Parts", "Drugs and Drug paraphernalia", "Miracle Cures ( although I'm quite sure many of our PS members put diamonds in this category ) 'Pyrotechnic devices and hazardous materials" and some way yuckier stuff.

Here's the part that affects diamonds- even though the wording is somewhat ambiguous.
Precious materials Bulk sales of rare, scarce, or valuable metals or stones

This has no real effect on merchants that have other means of accepting credit cards. The market is crowded with companies wanting to get the 3%+ for brokering credit card deals.
I checked on some other large internet diamond sellers and indeed-, google checkout is not available for loose diamond purchases
If a person is buying one diamond, how is that "bulk sales"?
I just don't get it- thanks for reading my rant- it is definitely a rant.
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