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Getting an appraisal safely?


Dec 13, 2015
As you guys may know, I recently purchased a 3 carat GIA-certified cushion modified brilliant with a 1 carat band from James Allen. It came with an appraisal which valued it at around $13K more than I paid for it. I'd like to get a local opinion, but so far each store has wanted me to leave it for 7-10 days, which my wife is terrified to do.

In your opinions:

  • Is it safe to leave it this long?
    If not, do appraisers exist who will do it for you while you wait?
    If both are false, do you feel I can trust the James Allen appraisal? Personally, I'd guess a store selling a ring would obviously overvalue it so you believe in the fabulous deal you're getting ;-)

Thanks guys!


May 15, 2014
Not sure where you are located, but in my city some of the jewelry stores have "appraisal" days where you can go in and they have an appraiser on site and he/she looks at your piece while you are there at your appointment. Then the appraisal is mailed to you. You could call around and see if any of the B & M stores in your area offer this service. And decide if you want the appraisal for the "insurance" figure or the "retail" figure. I always get the insurance figure as that is the amount my insurance will pay.


Jul 21, 2004
I do appraisals while people wait and watch and I know lots of others appraisers who do as well. For single item appraisals, I actually prefer it. Whether or not there's one in your area depends on them. Start with the list under the 'resources' tab at the top of the page and call them up and ask. At least in my case, yes it's secure to leave things. I have a vault in a secure building and insurance for exactly this reason. As with the above, each appraiser will be different but they should be happy to answer questions about it if you ask. Most will have a website with their contact information on it.

Here are some other good resources for finding appraisers in the US:
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