getting a grading report AFTER the purchase

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Jan 9, 2007
How do I get the certification report/grading certificate a year after the pruchase from a ''reputable retailer?''

I am dating a girl who has a princess cut engagement ring from an old flame. They broke it off and she kept the ring. (flame her on another thread please!)

She wants to sell the ring and recoup money her old flame owes her. He is essentially in agreement with this.

She has the ring and the retailer''s insurance appraisal.

Shape: Princess
Weight: 2.08 ct.
Color: I-J
Clarity: SI2 After clarity treatment (???)

I called the retailer for her and asked for the grading certificate. The salesman informed me that "only 30 percent of all stones sold ever come with a grading certificate... etc."

Anyway he''s looking for it. He''s going to "call me if he finds it." I requested he put into writing on store letterhead that he does not have a grading certificate for the stone if that is the case.

So now a number of questions:

What leverage does a customer have (me,her,her ex) have in getting the grading certificate from the retailer AFTER the sale? Are there consumer laws at the AG''s office that might apply? How likely is it to actually sell this rock to someone WITHOUT the certificate? How/where do we get this certified? Any legal recourse if the certification comes back well under the appraisal values?

I realize that the ex boyfriend did many things wrong with this uneducated purchase. He made a few other uneducated purchases my girlfriend is still paying for. I will not make the same mistake. I''m trying to help my girlfriend sell the stone at a fair price.

BTW, I asked her to sell it to me for a dollar and she said I was a cheap ass!

Anyone with insight into this, please respond.

Thx. Rockboy.


Jan 11, 2006
It sounds like that is a clarity enhanced diamond, and I am pretty sure that neither GIA nor AGS will grade a clarity enhanced diamond. So it is very likely that the stone did not have a certificate that was worth anything if it ever had one. You'll probably have to have it appraised and sell it that way, but don't count on getting a lot for it.

As far as you making a wiser purchase goes, read the knowledge section on this site carefully, and I highly recommend the 4 C's tutorial on the Good Old Gold site as well:

Then buy a diamond from one of the highly recommended PS vendors, and you'll end up with a fine stone at a fair price. That's what we did after comparing what was available in jewelry stores here vs. the online vendors.
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