Frustrated Diamond Search

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Jan 23, 2003
I have been looking for the perfect diamond now for weeks, but every time I have attempted to purchase a diamond on-line I was told that unfortunately the diamond was already sold from their vendor. I understand that his happens a lot, but I am now getting frustrated looking for that perfect diamond. I recently found this diamond but I am worried about the depth percentage. Can anyone give me some feedback? Also, I know that I should really see a fancy cut diamond in person but that is not an option in this case.


Princess 1.77
Color: G
Clarity: VS2
Measurement 6.59*6.49*4.92
Depth 75.8
Table 67
Girdle T
Cutlet None
Flur: None

Rank Amateur

Feb 26, 2003
I'd suggest that you deal with vendors who buy and carry their own stock. Yes you might pay a little more, but I think it is worth it. Plus they can put their eyeballs on it for you.



Mar 4, 2003
Well, I don't know anything about princess diamonds, so I can't help you there.

I just wanted to add that even if a diamond seller has his stock on site, it is VERY possible that by the time you decide on a diamond it is sold. Been there - had that happen!



Jan 29, 2003
If you see the same diamond listed by 5 - 6 on-line dealers then the odds are that the diamond is not going to be immediately available - especially if you contact more than one of the dealers to inquire about the availibility because they will smell the sale and attempt to tie the diamond up... Therefore pick the one dealer you want to work with and ask that dealer to source the diamond for you... We suggest that you don't select that dealer based on price alone, but rather on the services they are willing to offer you... Will they source the diamond and provide further evaluation of the diamond for you without charge? Can they provide you with a full version of the Sarin / OGI computerized proportions analysis? Clarity photographs? Most of the on-line dealers are merely mirroring the multiple listing services available to the trade by subscription... We suggest that you select one of the dealers who insist on personally evaluating every diamond that they sell before they sell it... You would be amazed to know that we reject about 30% of the diamonds we receive for evaluation as part of our buying process... We're pretty sure that Rhino of GOG experiences the same percentage of rejects as he also insists on seeing the diamonds he sells prior to selling them... WhiteFlash? We know that you're usually selling out of Brian's production, but what percentage would you say you reject from diamonds sourced for your customers outside of Brian's production? We think the public might find this information quite interesting...

The reality is that if you're looking at a diamond that is listed by 5 or 6 different dealers that the diamond could be sourced by any dealer of your choice because it is listed in the general inventory multiple listings that are available to any trade member, thus you can buy it from whichever dealer is going to give you the best service and best peace of mind... The exception to this will be a diamond that is owned by the specific site that it is advertising the diamond... An example of this would be any diamond in our inventory, GOG's inventory, the ACA stones on WhiteFlash, the SuperbCert stones, etc... because they are owned outright by those vendors and thus can't be sourced by another vendor...


Nov 11, 2002
we do it differently, all the ones that are in bold letters are stones that we recommend and have seen ,these stones might not be the lowest priced ones.
But as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for"

good luck
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