For the experts...pave? bead set? white gold? Questions Galore!

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Nov 28, 2005
I posted in the SMTR forum the new wedding band will be getting for Valentines Day:
When I purchased it from Jared the salesman reffered to the diamonds as "bead set". My question for you all is what exactlty is bead set? And how is that different from pave, if different at all? How delicate is this? I had some concerns when purchasing the ring:
1. I''ve heard stories about peoples pave'' falling out so I assumed the same might go for the ring I purchased. I plan on wearing the ring everyday. Besides normal wear and tear the area that has diamonds, is 3 sided. The bottom of the ring I will be wearing as an ering will sit atop it. I was REALLY worried about it rubbing against each other and loosening or messing up the diamonds. The guy suggested welding my ering and band together but I REALLY don''t want to do that as I like to go e-ringless sometimes. I purchased the lifetime plan and according to the salesman I shouldn''t worry because should they ever fall out they will be replaced. What do you guys think?

2. The ultrasonic. I asked the salesman if it was safe to put the ring in mine. He asked what kind I have (the basic one from Sharper Image) and he said it was fine. That the vibrations were gentle enough that it would be fine. Again, what is your take on it?

3. My current set is plat and I sleep in my wedding band, but I want to say I read somewhere that it''s bad to sleep in white gold, that rubbing it against the pillows and sheets weakens it. Is that true?


Jan 3, 2005
reena posted this example in an old thread and I think it''s pretty good so I''ll repost it here:
this is what i think of as bead setting:


see how the row is one diamond wide?


this is pave:


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