New Wedding Band!!!! How I got here with lots of photos!

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Nov 28, 2005
I have been trying for about a year to come up with a solution to my problem. I originally started out with a very cheap and low quality engagement ring from Gordons. It was a very low quality ring and not a design eithier of us were in love with. In the middle of my very stressful wedding planning I went into Littmans to get a wedding ring and ended up getting a wedding band that just matched my engagement ring. I didn''t care about anything was a task...and the task was done. My original set ...the diamond was a .32, cut very deep...extra faceting on it, J color and I3 clarity. The setting is platinum with .20ct in baugettes, probably also around a J color with an I2 clarity. The wedding band is platinum with J color stones and I2 clarity..I get mad when I think of what I paid for that!
Original Ering:

Original Band:

When the stress of the wedding faded, I was sorry that I had opted for the ering that I did and hoped thought I should of waited until we could afford something better. My husband knew this and he said for the Christmas after we got married that we could upgrade my stone. We ended up purchasing a .83ct G SI2 round brilliant from James Allen and having it put into my current setting


Being sentimental, I went to Jareds and purchased this setting that I really liked and had my old diamond placed into it. The setting is worth more than the diamond, but I felt bad not being able to wear it at all:

I absolutly ADORE my diamond but I was still not content with my setting. I don''t think it''s ugly or anything just not my personal style. I like more antique style or unique style rings. I tried to think of stuff I could do, for instance I absolutly LOVE Halo settings. They are my favorite! I thought about resetting into a halo style setting, but then my wedding band wouldn''t match and I had a hard time with the idea of discarding my wedding band. I went through all this trouble trying to design a halo that would go with my wedding band and cost Gods only knows how much between being custom and platinum.

So then I wen the opposite direction. My husband wears titanium for his wedding band and I LOVED titanium. I was thinking of placing my stone into a very clean and modern titanium prong setting, getting a titanium band with a plat inlay and using my current wedding band to create the look of an ering, wedding band and anniversary ring. I thought the inlay would tie the rings in together nicely and that it would be cute for my hubby and I to have matching wedding bands. The fact that it was much less expensive that plat or even white gold was good too! I pursued that option but it was hard to find a place that would set my diamond, or do any of the rings to my specs. Also the sizing issue scared me, my weight fluctuates a little and I would worry I would eithier lose or gain and the ring wouldn''t fit.

I gave up.

I came back to PS after taking a little break and I saw someones gorgeous Saturn setting. I offhandedly mentioned to my hubby that I love those settings and the antique look and I would gladly wear just that as my e-ring/w-ring. After some talking my husband kept telling me he was okay with me getting a different wedding band, that he wouldn''t mind. He said he knew my current set was not my style and not what he would buy for me if he was purchasing it now. He ended mentioning that he even liked the setting that I bought myself at Jareds a while ago. Then it hit me....would I love to have some gorgeous antique halo setting? YES. But....A. I like the idea of having a wedding band, I often wear mine without my ering. 2. We are saving up to get a house, there are more important costs right now than jewelry and honestly I love jewelry and all, but I don''t like being wasteful and I would never want him to keep throwing money at this situation, I want an option I love but I want to stay in a budget.

So we came up with the idea that sometime in the future we would take my .83ct diamond and have it moved into the antique style Jared setting and move my old diamond back into the original setting. I would get a new wedding band tp match the Jared setting. I looked around online and really saw nothing I liked except for one from Fay Cullen, but I don''t care for thier customer service policies. So we went to Jared and the first time there I had a horrible saleswoman who knew absolutly nothing, so I looked around in the mall just to be curious. I saw some styles I liked at excellent prices but the reason they were so cheap obviously was beacuse the quality was crappy. On a whim my hubby and I went back to Jareds and got a different sales person. This one was MUCH butter. Given the propper time and motivation to look right off the bat I saw a band I liked and my hubby saw one he liked. The one I liked was a 1/2ct, 3/4 eternity band with bead set round diamonds and milligraining. It had really pretty scrollwork in the sides with surprise diamonds. I didn''t think we could afford it but it was $699.00, not bad. The only thing I didn''t like were the diamonds didn''t seem to sparkle like they should. I was told the general quality of the color and clarity of the stones but the sparkle factor was just not there. I thought for sure it would be THE ONE but then I started looking at the one my husband loved and right off the bat I didn''t like it as much. Then I realized it was almost exactly like the one at Fay Cullen! But $150 cheaper! Probably a step down from H VS1, but still good! The band really did go with the setting very well and the more I wore it the more it rubbed off on me. It was a 1/4ct! I can''t believe I chose the lower carat weight!!! But this one just sparkled like a little disco ball! Also I loved when my husband couldn''t stop smiling and told me, that this is the one he would of gotten for me if I wasn''t there! So I didn''t expect to get a band so soon but it was $500.00 all together and we couldn''t pass it up. I''ll get it on Valentines Day and sometime before that we''ll switch out my diamonds! I''m soo in love with it!

I still feel bad about not wearing the band my husband said his vows to me with. There is just something so special about it...and it wasn''t cheap! SoI plan to wear it on my right hand...I have a few rings I wear every once in a while on that hand and i''ll add my band to the mix.

So without further ado........

The Band:






What it will look like with E Ring setting (old diamond still in it)


Above the new set I have my new that bigger diamond will be put into the antique style setting! I can''t wait! Pay no attention to how dirty my poor little precious looks in this photo!



Jan 11, 2006
Your antique rings are beautiful! I think you made an excellent choice! And that''ll be great to put the larger stone in this set!


Jul 25, 2004
Love the new setting, the new diamond, and new band!!! Please post pics when you get the new diamond put in the new setting!!


Jan 21, 2006
Gorgeous, what a wonderful story!! I love your new band, it''s such a lovely design!


May 15, 2005

I love the fact you really cared about your original diamond...enough to put it into a beautiful setting....Very sweet!


Mar 26, 2006
Your new band is lovely and I think your upgraded diamond will look beautiful in the antique style setting!


Mar 14, 2005
It sounds like this has all worked out beautifully. I think your new wedding band is just so gorgeous and elegant!!! Your James Allen diamond is going to look fantastic in that lovely setting.


Nov 12, 2004
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Just beautiful... Let me see if I have this right.... You orginally had the baguette setting witht he small center diamond, then you bought a bigger center but still werent happy with the setting so you then bought the anique set and but your old small diamond in it but now that you found the perfect wedding band you are moving things around and will be wearing the antique setting???? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you and I sound a lot a like .... I have done the same thing :)


Jan 25, 2005
I love your new setting. I am such a sucker for milgrain and antique inspired looks. You must post a gazillion pics of the new diamond in that new setting once it''s done!!! I also just LOVE the new band you got to go with it! Brava!


Aug 12, 2005
I''m a sucker for a good reset story! Yours is great! Love the pics and your new rings/diamond!
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