First time buyer. Please advice on this diamond


May 26, 2009
I don't have access to many jewlers, so I am planning on buying a diamond online.

I am not very sensitive to color, so I can go with an I or J but I don't want to compromise on the cut as I understand this is very important for a diamond's sparkle.

Here are the stats of a diamond I am considering. Please let me know the pros and cons, especially if there are any red flags

Price: ~ $9,000

Carat: 1.57
Clarity: SI1
Color: J
Cut: GIA Excellent

Lab certification: GIA
Depth: 61.8%
Table: 58%
Pavillion: 50%
Girdle: Thin - Medium
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Very Good
Culet: None

Here is a link to the GIA certificate: j si1.gif

I am concerned about the inclusions shown in the certificate. I am going to ask the vendor if the diamond is eyeclean.

I tried to find the HCA score but I'm getting an error message. Can you give me your opinion on this diamond? I haven't seen many diamonds in real life so I don't know what to look for.

Thanks a lot !!


Aug 14, 2009
Crown/pav combo is not what PSers usually recommend - "leakage" (light escaping through the pavilion, out the back, instead of being returned to your eyes out the top of the stone) under the table. Whether or not YOU A) note it, B) care about it one way or the other is up to you and your eyes.

Outside of that - clouds are listed first, so are the "grade making" inclusion(s) (biggest contributor to the reason the stone is an SI1 instead of higher clarity). An SI w/ grade making clouds automatically tick my "get appraisal & have shipped out to inspect in-person" mental checkboxes to confirm clouds aren't affecting the brilliance of the stone, but it's an issue that I'm hyperwary of - it's *very* possible there's nothing to worry about in that regard.

Eyeclean - decide what the term means to you - clean from 6" faceup? 12? from the sides? and have the vendor vet the stone to your specifications, different vendors may have different definitions of the term 'eyeclean' that don't match your specifications.


Aug 14, 2009
ETA Some recs/pricing comparisons

1.51 J SI1 $9.2k (request photo retake and IS, ask if eyeclean to your specifications)
1.50 J VS2 $10.5k (request IS)

1.30 J VS2 WF branded H&A $10.1k

1.32 H SI1 GOG branded H&A $10.9k
1.33 I VS2 GOG branded H&A 11k
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