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FINAL DECISION: 1.09 J v.s 1.3 K


Dec 23, 2009
Guess I would just open this new post, as the original one has 2 other stones, which might be confusing.

After lying loose for a couple of years in my jewel box, my ACA H VS2 princess is finally going back to WF, replacing it will be a round brilliant. I will miss the elegance of the princess outline, but I missed the brilliance and fire in RB more:)

I have narrowed down my final options to these 2 stones, and I would love to hear your opinions otherwise I probably have to flip a coin :(( Here they are:,3256272

1.09ct J VS2 6.61-6.63 mm
Depth 61.4
Table 55.3
CA 34.3
PA 40.7
star/lgf 50/75.0

my concern:
- I prefer longer lgf to shorter, but this one is 75%, not sure the visual difference

1.308ct K VS2 7.03x7.08 mm
Depth 61.2
Table 55.6
CA 34.8
PA 40.7
star/lgf 50/78

my concern:
- the variation in its measurement is slightly larger than what I usually see in super ideal cuts
- its idealscope show paler red under the table

K is $1123 more than the J

Below is the whiteflash statement about them:
- K is slightly warmer, it is only really visible from the side view
- both are completely eye clean, from as close as I can focus
- light performance, both technically and in person, very comparable
- both diamonds show edge to edge light return in the ASET & Idealscope, there is no light leakage in the center (but this doesn't explain the paler red I see in IS)

Which one would you prefer if you were in my shoes? Thank you very much!




Jul 13, 2005
I understand this difficult decision. Size vs Color at this point.
I personally don't mind the K color depending on how it's set. I saw a K at Brian Gavin's when I went to see them and White Flash. They had a K set in a tiny diamond halo, a 3 carat, that I would have pounced on gleefully and never looked back, if it weren't too far above my budget!

I had a J for a week, and I didn't see any tint from the side, but I guess that's me. I don't notice tint from the side. Where I did notice it was from the top, looking down into the diamond through the table. Like a drop of weak iced tea, BUT, then I was looking for it and analyzing it more than I probably would have in real life.

In the end, I decided on an I color 2.538 ct WF ACA and I'm very happy with it. Do I see color? Yep, when I look for it. Does it bother me? Nope. I could have afforded an F or G or even H in the same quality, however, I'd have had to go down in size very significantly for my budget. I wanted to maximize my budget and make as few compromises as possible.

You are the only one who can decide which compromises are acceptable. A J or K are both going to show tint, it's just how much are you OK with. Can you go to some stores and see different color stones to see how your eyes feel about it?

I don't know if a 1.09-1.308 carat shows color less or more than a larger diamond, that's a good thing for you to consider as well. More experienced folks here my be able to comment on that factor.

(BTW: If you decide to try one or the other, you know you can send back to exchange, so it's low risk, but do check on the cost of returning...just be aware up front if you will have to pay any shipping fees.)


Apr 10, 2015
baroque|1440864312|3920800 said:
I don't know if a 1.09-1.308 carat shows color less or more than a larger diamond, that's a good thing for you to consider as well. More experienced folks here my be able to comment on that factor.

Larger diamonds have larger facets sizes and tend to show more color IMO. Look at small melee diamonds. They tend to look white whether they are D or I or probably even K.

babydoll_mini -
Whiteflash might be able to make a video of the two side by side so it could help with your decision.


Apr 29, 2015
They should do a video. They did one for me when I was looking at two stones.


Sep 7, 2004
I think you might order the K and see what you think. I have a non-certed diamond that was appraised as M, diameter 6.9mm. That would be more yellow than a K for certain. The tint in it never bothered me, and I own diamonds ranging from F down that L/M. Also, Wink just made a 1.27ct K Crafted by Infinity ring, and here is the video for that diamond:

If the question is between J and K, I would personally try the larger K first, because there is significant tint in J and neither is colorless, and K isn't "worse" to me, so I'd go for size. Between I and K, I might pick the I if I wanted "white." If it's to be a solitaire ring, I'd definitely consider the K. You'd notice and appreciate the difference in size between 6.5mm and 7mm or whatever those 2 stones are. But almost the only way to know if you'd be bothered by the tint is to see the stone. Everyone notices size and cut. Not everyone notices color.
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