Fancy Yellow diamonds

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kathleen brown

May 8, 2001
Boy oh Boy do I need help! I have the opportunity to purchase a GIA certified diamond as follows: Cut-cornered, rectangular,modified brilliant, 3.08ct, natural Fancy Deep Brownish yellow, even dist.,faint fluor., depth 63.9,table 72, girdle very thick, no culet polish, very good,symmetry good, Clarity vs1, measurements:8.95x7.78,x 4.97. Price: $11,500. This is to be a gift from my husband, so I want to be sure that the price is fair. The stone is currently mounted with a lovely pair of trilliants, but has a sparkling brilliance all its own. The brownish color is not apparent to me, but the jeweler said that it may be that the brown is more visible from the underside. I have struggle to find references to give me a feel for the price, but there is not much available out there! Professional perspectives will be greatly appreciated....
Thanks, kitkat


May 3, 2001
Just guessing, but did this stone and ring come from an estate?Hard to know without actually seeing the ring, but this sounds like an incredibly good price to me.Colored diamonds are totally open to pricing interpretations, and there is not Rap on them. I have seen Fancy yellows sell for tens of thousands of dollars per carat. The brownish modifier has reduced the price, but how much is up to the seller.If you like the stone and you have the money, then the price is immaterial. As a colored diamond it is going to be difficult to resell, UNTILL you find another colored diamond lover.If you like it, buy it and be happy. If you don't like it, it doesn't matter what the price is.As I said, I have not seen the stone, but it sounds like a "Steal Deal" to me.Wink Jones
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Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
A rough rule of thumb.When I am buying I look at a colored diamond and say "is this better than D?"A pale hint of color may be 1/3rd the price of a D, a really beautiful canary might be 5X the price of a D of the same size and color.But beauty is in your eye - no on elses.
garry H


Aug 9, 2002
That sounds like a very good price, almost too good. I would make sure the stone has not been trated and is a natural color. Without actually seeing the stone but with the description alone an estimated value is hard to achive. I am a GIA G.G. (Graduate Gemologist) but all I can tell you is that for a natural fancy yellow stone of VS quality in the size you have stated would fetch around $6,000 per carat at a wholesale trade stone. This price would be for the stone only and would not include a mounting or accent stones. A better idea of the color would be useful, for instance is the yellow bright and very appealing or is it a more washed out yellow? The more intense the yellow color like a sunflower yellow the better the stone, and when modifiers like brownish are use with the description and the color looks something like an everyday yellow pencil then the stone is less valuable also if the stone is too light in color or too dark that lowers value as well. The pricing I use has 3 general categories for fancy yellow diamonds: Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow & Fancy Intense Yellow. The category I chose to use with your description was Fancy yellow. I hope this helps a bit.
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