Exactly how good is GIA''s grading?

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Apr 19, 2003
I'm looking at a g color si2 diamond. Does anyone know if this should be eyeclean. I heard that GIA is suppose to be the best.


Sep 3, 2000
Grading, loosely or accurately, does not change the diamond. Some SI2's have eye visible inclusions and others may not. You ought to be able to see some inclusions from the side or the back of the stone, but "eye-clean" refers to what you see with the top of the diamond facing your eyes.

How well trained you are to see inclusions and using the proper lighting also make for seeing more or better. Experienced graders and dealers develop eagle eyes, but sometimes wink a little when they sell a stone. What they think is "almost eye clean" suddenly upgrades a little to "eye-clean". Then, they leave it up to YOUR eyes to see what you may see.

GIA-GTL uses the GIA system for grading. It is a subjective grading system at the present time and even the GIA is accused of making mistakes. This is difficult to prove as no one else is in charge of accuracy. There is no Board of Governors overseeing diamond grading. Each lab polices itself and from the way things turn out one might think there are a lot of donuts being eaten by these "police" and not a lot of policing going on.

GIA and AGS are highly respected for their integrity and internal quality control. They do a very fine job of diamond grading. There are occasions where some of us think it isn't perfect, but none are better in the US market.
My little lab attempts to mimic these major labs in performance and accuracy.
It is a big task to undertake and takes a lot of work to maintain control.

You will find a few labs that do a good job of grading, but many that really grade liberally in order to make money and fool the public. While a lab can make more money by being liberal, it is only a matter of time until their credibility is used up. A good reputation constantly brings new word of mouth customers to you. Without that, it takes a gigantic advertising budget to keep the cash rolling in and to overcome the bad reputation they'd have otherwise.
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