Engagement ring questions.


Jun 8, 2016
I will have several questions about buying engagement rings but I want to start off with this. I am doing research on engagement rings and I am finding that a 2 1/2 k ring from your normal stores like Kay run about 5-6 grand. I started searching for loose or raw diamond prices and am finding loose diamonds are more expensive.

Example I was looking at 2/12 princess cut and from those stores the ring is 5grand. I look for a loose princess cut stone no ring and it alone is 6grand.

I was thinking about designing a ring myself. What's a good resource to find reasonable prices diamonds?


Jul 6, 2012
This is because 2 1/2 carat total weight is not the same thing as a 2 1/2 carat single stone.

that being said I just went on kay's online site and I do not see a single ring above 2cttw for less than 8000. Not sure whether their in store pricing is that different or what you're seeing where you're finding 2 1/2ct rings for 5-6 grand.

I also ran a James Allen search for a 1.9ct or above princess cut loose stone for $6k and got zero results.

I think we need more information about where exactly you're finding these prices because they're nonexistent based on my searches.

A "reasonable price" for a decent but not the best princess cut 2 1/2ct stone is gonna be more like $15k and up just for the loose stone.

Heck I even looked at clarity enhanced and you can't even get clarity enhanced for $6k so something is not adding up here.
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