Enagagement Ring Setting help


Jul 27, 2011
Hi Everyone.

So far everyone on heres been a great help. I am looking at getting a custom ring made up with a .56 carrat VS2 F colour diamond ive purchased.

Now I'm looking at getting something like this made up, but with less stones. As I want my GF to have some input into the ring, she likes this style but not the amount of diamonds on the side. The Jeweller has advised me they could do something like that and do a punch stone setting? of three 0.1 carat diamonds on each side. This would be around 600$, for the diamonds. For a similar style of side stones as the ring they were going to charge 2000$ AUD for 20 0.1 carat diamonds. Does this sound reasonable?

Also I have had one jeweller tell me it is better to have a Platinum Yellow gold mix, than a White gold / yellow gold mix, due to the rhodium plating that is required with the gold mix? And the fact that the yellow gold would need to be covered up with nail polish etc when this process was done. Is this correct? The other jeweller says it's not an issue, and that white gold is better, and most people prefer it.

Are they both correct? I don't know who to believe.

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