emerald; newbie needs opinion


Dec 12, 2015
Hi all,

I read the last days a lot in the forum and I love it. I am an absolutely newby but I read all the information for beginners in the forum.

I would like to buy my wife an emerald and the color should be quite similar to her company logo. It will be a present for the anniversary of her company.

I found one which I like, but I do not know if I overpay and if it is a nice one. It is called a Sandawana emerald. The hard facts form the homepage are: 0,98 carat; 7,2X5,8X4,8; deep pure green; lightly included; cutting grade good; treatment just oil. The price should be around 1800 USD. The price is the very high end of my budget, which is quite low for an Emerald.

Could you give me some feedback or alternatives? The color of the company logo and the gemstone should be around RGB Red 60 Green 230 Blue 160. That should be strongly bluish green or green-blue as far as I understand...

Thanks a lot!




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