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Emerald Cut Setting and Diamond Quality Advice


Oct 13, 2011
Hi everyone,

So I'm getting closer to finalising the diamond and setting for the ring I will be ordering for my potential fiancee (well she still could say no :shock: ) joking!!

Anyway the time has come for some background and advice to see what people think.

I've settled on a H or I color diamond and cut is now king of the 4 c's. I wish I could afford a higher color/ bigger but with my budget I am now more focused on getting the best quality I can as ultimately (to me) its more important then having the biggest diamond.

I have attached a link to youtube (hopefully this is allowed) which comes from Perry @ Diamond Concierge (who has been great so far)

It's H color, VS1, 1.01 carats. cost around $4K

It's competitors are

Color I, 1.10 carat, 6.97x5.01x3.43, Polish = EX, Sym = VG depth 68.4% & Table 66% (see pic 1)

Color I, 1.01 carat, 6.55x5.07x3.22, Polish = Ex, Sym = Ex, Depth 63.5%, Table 61% (see pic 2)

Both of these are in the $3.5K range - my budget is fairly limited and ideally I'd go a tiny bit lower if the diamond was still in the quality that these are.

Question A - Pay the extra for the H or pick one of the I's? Forget pure color junkies for the moment and - "what would you do"?

Question B - The Ring is being designed by Leon. After discussing options with my girl its becoming more clear that she likes Halo type rings but also likes the simplicity of a solitaire.

I think the ideal middle ground is a plain band with halo only on around the center stone will give a little of both and still be quite original - What are your thoughts on this idea? The band will be a split shank but only as the band splits to support the Halo. I would link some pics of my ideas but not sure what the rules are regarding posting brands etc as his pics are marked and I don't want to step on toes!

Any feedback will be appreciated! I have never done anything like this before and being in Australia I have limited opportunity to get in and physically see the stones so I'm trusting the jeweler a little, trusting what I have been reading on these forums and a little gut feel!

Thanks for any help :)

110IVS1M1.jpg 101IVS1M3.jpg


Dec 31, 2010
I have a an emerald cut diamond 1.41 H vvs2. I am really happy with the diamond. It looks very white face up however in certain lighting on the side there is slight warmth. Just my opinion but I wouldn't be happy with an emerald cut lower than H. I don't think the I size is that drastic that I would sacriface the better color.


Aug 8, 2005
I like number 2 the one with the smaller table best.

I have a plain shank halo, so I support your idea.

Here's a pic of mine.

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