Emerald Cut Question

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Aug 11, 2002
I've been looking for an emerald cut for some time and seen quite a few. The only one I saw that came close to the 1A standards just didn't make my heart sing, and I reluctantly left it behind. I now have at home the one that I fell in love with and believe I'm going to buy. It does miraculous things with colored and white light -- I don't know if my vocabulary is quite correct, but it has beautiful points of dispersion and scintillation, and the long facets play with colors like the strings of a violin -- 97% of the time -- and that's where my last question lies.

It's exquisite in the store, in sunlight,in fluorescent light,in overhead incandescent, dappled light, and even at night in the car! But not in dense daytime shade where the facets look rather dull.

I don't know enough and haven't seen enough emerald cuts in these conditions to know if this is normal, or specific to this stone. Before I take the plunge, I'd like to know if I can.

Here are the specs from the GIA report (I also know the crown is low -- about 9.5%):

D, 1.57 carat, VS 2, 7.98 x 5.82 x 3.73
Depth 64%, Table 67%, med. girdle
Good polish/symmetry, no culet, no fluorescence

(The asking price is $9200.)




Aug 27, 2000

The diamond you are looking at looks like a nice stone at a very reasonable price. I searched around to see what the vendors that list on pricescope are selling similar diamonds for and this is certainly within (if not priced a little lower) their range. As far as your question about light performance in dense shade, I frankly haven't paid a lot of attention to my wife's emerald cut in those conditions, but I do not believe what you are experiencing is unusual. Your comment about the diamond performing 97% (or was it 96%) of the time I think speaks volumes that you really love this diamond.

It is difficult to find well cut emerald diamonds in my experience. You are right that by Dave's chart the crown height is a little low, but that doesn't necessarily mean your diamond doesn't perform well. His chart is a guide to help you narrow your search (in my opinion). I certainly used it and it helped my a great deal.

Bottom line, if you've looked at a number of emerald cuts and this one "speaks to you", coming from another consumer, I don't think you'll go wrong. Since I've bumped this up, maybe some of the experts will chime in. Good luck!

Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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