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Apr 8, 2001
Has anyone had any experience with buying a diamond off of the ebay auction? There seems to be some good stones available, but I am confounded as to why a dealer would sell their diamonds this way rather than through their website or b&m store. Any ideas??
Apr 6, 2001
Hi Carol!
Ebay is a fun, fun place to be, and it is also a place where there are many, many people; both consumers and sellers. Websites or businesses set up auctions on ebay for many reasons. One reason is if they would want to get "rid" of their surplus fast and ebay is a very fast way to do it. Another reason for sellers to sell on ebay is because they don´t have a "store" nor "website" to expose their products. This also means they have no overhead costs, which enables them to sell through auction with a very small profit mark-up and offering very good prices for the consumer. In our case, our ebay auctions bring us thousands of visitors to our website, and we get exposed to millions of consumers that otherwise might not know about us. On an ebay auction, we have nothing to loose, and yet much to gain; which is YOU! Don´t be fooled, though, by innacurate diamond gradings and sellers with negative feedback. If you are buying something as precious and costly as a diamond, here are some tips to help you;
a) Check sellers feedback
b) If little or no feedback, use escrow (some escrow websites are or )
c)Get a diamond education first. The 4 c´s are very important, and anything else you can learn will help you make a wiser decision in a diamond purchase.
d) Be wary when purchasing diamonds graded by the seller. They will ALWAYS give diamonds better grades than they actually are! If buying a certified stone, you will be more confident in that what you are buying is what you are going to receive!
e) Compare prices first. (Not all ebay auctions are real "steals"!)
f)Inquire about seller´s refund policies, in case you are not satisfied with your purchase and you can return. And finally . . .
g)Enjoy the hunt! The best part is looking among thousands of stones, pictures, and descriptions, to find the perfect stone for you.GOODLUCK!
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