EBAY Ring..NEED to get TRUE Value..Am i saving money on EBAY


Aug 2, 2011
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What is the price i would expect to pay for this ring???? It has a 1.47 carat total weight pear shape diamond engagement ring will come to you with certified GIA appraisal papers included. They state it to be a quality ring that grades 1.08 carat center diamond VS Color H-I and the baguettes are .40 carat VS color H-I.

I think i can get ring for like $3900

Should i push on price or jump on the deal??

Dancing Fire

Apr 3, 2004
Re: EBAY Ring..NEED to get TRUE Value..Am i saving money on

don't be a fool...GIA does not do appraisals... :nono:


Apr 22, 2011
Re: EBAY Ring..NEED to get TRUE Value..Am i saving money on

GIA doesn't do appraisals, i.e. they don't estimate the value of diamonds. Rather they grade diamonds according to color, clarity, and to some degree cut. They're among the very, very best at this. They’re not as strong on cut quality as AGS, but they’re great for color and clarity.

That aside, though I've never bought diamonds on Ebay, I've bought a number of watches there. And sadly I've been forced to decide that Ebay has so many crooks on it that it isn't worth the trouble. I know that some PS'ers have had good luck buying diamonds on Ebay and that there are certainly honest people on Ebay selling diamonds, watches, etc. But my luck has been pretty lousy. Despite my best efforts to screen out the baddies, I’ve had from 1/3 to ½ of my watches turn out to be just plain fraudulent. Maybe it’s something about vintage mechanical watches (not quartz)?!

At the very least, make sure you deal with somebody with a very high rating (I'd say 99.7 or better), and with a good number of feedbacks, preferably 1,000 or more. You can assume that their (would-be) "real" rating would be lower if people felt free to give their honest feedback. I recently went on an Ebay forum and questioned whether I should give negative feedback to a seller who was obviously a crook. I learned that sellers can block me from even seeing their ads if I were to do this, that I would be black listed. So I just gave no feedback at all. There are numerous other scams out there, e.g. the seller won't give feedback on the buyer till the buyer gives feedback. This gives the buyer an incentive to give good or no feedback regardless of the quality of the interaction in order to avoid some sort of retaliation.

Make sure that the seller offers a 100% CASH refund if you are unsatisfied. Note that you'll have to read the fine print on the return policy. Some will only offer a refund in the form of a similar (probably another lousy) item. Many claim to offer a refund, but if you read the fine print you learn that the refund only applies if the item is not as described. This can be pretty subjective, e.g. does a diamond have a lot of sparkle or not?! Others require you return it in a short time, e.g. 3 days. This can be difficult if you receive the item on Saturday of a long weekend, for example. And some charge a restocking fee if you return the item. This could be a disincentive against returning something you didn't like, especially if it were okay, but not really nice.

In fact, when you pay with PayPal on Ebay, your item will be protected in the event of out and out fraud. If you have a dispute with your seller, e.g. if you get the wrong ring, or if you get none at all, PayPal will require the dealer to "make good". There is some protection in this and they were helpful in getting a refund for me one time. However unless the case is a clearly black and white one, e.g. you didn't get the item, it's a phony GIA report, etc., they may not give you much help. They cannot determine a good diamond from a crummy one, for example, so unless you have a clear case of fraud they may not be able to do you much good.

Finally, consider that if you must return the item that you will have to pay the return shipping fee, regardless of why you send it back. This can get pretty expensive once you insure the item, especially if the item comes from outside the U.S. Add to that the possible cost of a restocking fee, the trip or trips to the shipping depot or post office, and you could have a huge headache on your hands.

Again, there ARE good and honest dealers on Ebay. Unfortunately there are also a lot of crooks out there. I have no idea which of the two the above mentioned dealer is. But if I were you I'd take my chances trying to get a nice, cheap diamond that I could see with my own eyes at a pawn shop of vintage/antique dealer. Good luck, whatever you decide!


Jan 18, 2009
Re: EBAY Ring..NEED to get TRUE Value..Am i saving money on

IS there any information on the cut?
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