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Jul 5, 2016
Hi everyone, I've posted something similar to this in the past but after doing some more research, I was hoping you could help provide me some insight. Since I have time still and since diamond prices fluctuate I was hoping for some input on how I should I go about the diamond purchase process.

I'm looking to purchase the following:

Shape: Round
Color: D-H
Cut: Excellent
Clarity: IF-VS2
Cert: GIA
Total Budget (Band $$ Included): ~$20k

The original setting that I was going to go with design wise is exactly what I am looking for, unfortunately it does not have a thick enough band for my liking. From what I've read on here, I also don't have the highest of confidence on the vendor. Here was the original band that I was looking to go with:

I know that she wants a round cut after discussions with her and her best friend about it. She is a pediatric nurse so the band needed to be durable which is why I want to go with a platinum and a six prong low crown setting.

Here were some loose diamonds that I have found that, from my prospective, appear like good ct/$ diamonds.

I appreciate any help I can get!

I found Gypsy's questionaire to be useful from other forum post so here is what I have:

1. What is your budget?
Total Budget ~$20k
2. How old are you guys?
We are both 24.
3. What do she do for a living/working toward doing for a living.
She is a pediatric nurse.
4. How does she dress? Does she dress up a lot, or is she a jeans and T-shirts girl? Grundge? Tailored Ann Taylor tastes?
Work days: Scrubs, Off days: Ann Taylor Loft, yoga pants and tank.
5. Does she prefer white metals or yellow/pinks ones
She prefers white/platinum bands.
6. How is her house decorated? Does she love antique store trolling? Does she love everything Pottery Barn? Is she ultra modern with lots of metal and leather?
House is decorated like a Florida beach house. Main color scheme is similar to tiffany blue and white
7. Is she clumsy? Is she very put together?
Very put together. Former gymnast, type A, and a nurse.
8. Does she love handbags and have a stable of them to choose from? Are they mostly practical (neutral colors: brown, black, beige)
Typically they are neutral colors
9. What metro area are you in or near? Or are you in the country? Tell me where you live and what it's like there (if it's not obvious, like NYC).
We live in the Orlando area
10. Do you guys have pets? Want them? What kind?
1 cat, but we both want 2 Labrador retrievers, and kids.
11. Is she a brand name girl? Does she love things with brand names? If so why? Is it the dependability of brand name quality that appeals to her or is it the bragging rights? Or is she more understated and while she appreciates quality brand names don't do it for her?
She is not materialistic so brand names don’t matter to her, she buys on price and quality.
12. Okay now, describe her to us in your own words? I've never met her, bring her to life me. What qualities does she have that you love? What is her sense of humor like? Just... tell us about her.
Smart, laid back, compassionate, giving, selfless, inspiring, level headed, and quirky
13. Has she expressed an interest in any particular style of ring (halo, Legacy, solitaire, three stone) or shape of stone (round, marquise, pear, princess, emerald, radiant.)?
She has told me that she like a pave ring with a round diamond and no halos.
14. What is her existing jewelry like? A lot of variety, or are there a few select pieces of similar design? What does she wear regularly?
She typically only wears the Tiffany infinity ring that I bought her, simple diamond earrings, and an Alex and Ani bangle


Jul 6, 2012
Not addressing any other points but I just wanted to say this in re: Adiamor.

I'm in the process of a ring with them and they have been super helpful, easy to get ahold of, they found a diamond for me that I had seen elsewhere and brought it in. I have every confidence if I had an issue that they would be quick to resolve it with me as they've given me no reason to think otherwise.

I don't have my ring in hand yet (supposed to come Monday) but it is a pave setting - I would have absolutely no issue using them for a solitaire. They have an unconditional return policy like James Allen does.

I wouldn't let some of the posts on this board deter you - there is a heavy emphasis on using only "known" vendors, which is fine, but the complaints have centered around stones that when called in, were either no longer available or not satisfactory - which is a problem that can and has occurred with other virtual vendors. Their work carries a lifetime warranty, they have a standard upgrade policy, and I did extensive research and their settings were much nicer looking in real life than James Allen, who I have also used.


Jun 30, 2016
Hey OP! I'm a nurse (not pediatric, though). This has been discussed recently on the board. A lot of hospitals do not allow jewelry on hands or, if they do, they only allow a plain band (no diamonds). Even if her hospital does allow it now, a future policy change would not be a surprise. It's an infection control measure. I would still choose a durable ring so it will last a lifetime, but I wouldn't do it with the focus on her being a nurse. If she can wear it to work, I would FOR SURE pick platinum over white gold. White gold is rhodium plated. Nurses use a lot of hand sanitizer gel which can cause the rhodium to wear off even more quickly. I have personally noticed this with my wedding band, which is white gold; it yellows so much more quickly since I started my nursing career. If I had to do it all over again, knowing what I know now, I would get platinum. I have to get my ring replated every 6mo-2yr, depending on how much I wear it. It's a pain, and I hate being separated from my ring while it's getting worked on. Also, regardless of infection control, a lot of nurses don't wear their rings to work because there is so much stuff they can snag on or get damaged on. We reset my original e-ring because the setting would often rip open my sterile gloves! Eek!


Aug 8, 2005
I think getting her a pave shank is a great idea, since she asked for it. She can wear it on a necklace when she is at work.

Your budget is a very good one.


Aug 8, 2005
My best advice is this:

Start with the setting. Anyone can get you a fabulous round brilliant.

Then once you have your setting vendor, we'll work with them to get you a nice diamond for it.

Quality matters with pave. A LOT. So stick with known vendors for pave settings.
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