E-Ring budget vs. whole wedding budget


Nov 12, 2007
Just looked up what we spent on our wedding for a friend, so I can tell you exactly. We spent 5x more on the wedding than my ring. Our wedding was small (50 guests) and we had a restaurant reception instead of renting a space. It was described by guests and people who saw the photos as "elegant" and some of the best food people had ever had at a wedding. :wink2: Those were our priorities, and my parents appreciated our frugality and paid for about 4/5 of the wedding costs. My e-ring cost my DH half of his savings at the time, and since we were both in school, that seemed appropriate, i.e. if we spent more, it would have been paid for with student loans. :knockout:


Nov 27, 2007
Circe|1304265695|2909164 said:
No correlation here, either, though in the opposite direction from most people: my e-ring cost about five times what the wedding did! See, at the end of the day, we decided to elope on the beach .... If I ever upgrade, that ratio is going to go from "silly" to "ridiculous!"
I love you Circe! That's exactly what our plan was too. We had a tiny wedding (well, like maybe a dozen people?) at my in-laws gorgeous home on the cliff overlooking their private beach. And we did potluck snacks and all of us contributed a few bottles of wine. So total cost for the wedding was a couple hundred max.

We did take a two month long honeymoon in Europe though :naughty: so that was way, way more expensive than our wedding. Not nearly as much as my 3.39 ct OEC though, haha.
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