Dwtn. Jewelry/Diamond Districts any good?

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Nov 20, 2002
I've heard a lot of negative things about shopping in the downtown jewelry/diamond districts in regards to being dishonest and the scams that they pull. Despite its negative image, would it be wise to shop there if I found a vendor that was honest...If their GIA, AGS, EGL, etc. diamond(s) checked out ok? I mean isn't a certified diamond a certified diamond?

I'm thinking about shopping around in the LA area diamond/jewelry districts and just wanted some imput upon doing so.


Dec 31, 1999
. StevL and Garry give a few good tips for diamond shoppers in B&M stores:

StevL:First get a little education, this could be from the web or your local library.

Second, visit several stores, listen to the pitchs and leave when you encounter BS or answers that don't make sense and they can't explain in detail.

Third, look for lab reports and I do prefer GIA or AGS.

Forth, call your BBB to see what problems they have had (if any), and find out how long they have been in business.

Fifth, deal with the owner if possible.

Six, ask friends, but don't count on their advice as all truths, they may not reallyt know what they bought.

Seven, you can shop price on the net if you wish. This will let you at least have a general idea of where you need to be. Be Sure To Understand that the local jeweler should be a little higher, but also provide you services and selection. Use the web just to keep them in line with pricing.

Garry:Education, visit good stores, leave if BS or answers that don't make sense, preffered lab reports GIA and AGS, deal with the owner if possible and ask freinds, but remember they may have been mislead. Use the net to get an idea of the no frills possible problem stone rock bottom price.

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