Dumb Question....Sapphire Vs. Diamonds

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Jul 9, 2003
I know i am dumb but I know nothing of Diamonds and Sapphires.....
Which do people think are nicer?

Whats the difference?

Thanks Erika


Jun 18, 2003
What do you want to know? That's a pretty broad question

Diamond is crystallized carbon; sapphire is crystallized alumina, or aluminum oxide. Both are pretty hard, but diamond is much harder.

People tend to think of diamonds as colorless and sparkly; and sapphires as blue, and, well blue
. Truth is, both come in a rainbow variety of colors; moreover, a poorly-cut diamond can look lumpy, and a well-cut sapphire can sparkle nicely.

The nicest examples of both can be silly-expensive
, while both can be similarly affordable. At a particular size, diamond quality is determined more by how colorless and clean it is, whereas price for sapphire is determined more by just its color.

Diamonds are more typically untreated (though plenty of treatments occur), whereas sapphires are much more often treated (typically by heating) to improve color and clarity. I believe that a nicely-colored fine untreated sapphire is a much rarer thing than a nicely-colored fine untreated diamond.

Want more info? Start by taking a look at

Would the gemologists please correct and add to what I've said?


Dec 12, 2000
Hi Erika,

Most people have diamond engagement rings. I got engaged 7 years ago but when I was getting to the point of buying my lady a diamond, she let me know that she would rather have a "Lady Diana" type sapphire engagement ring. I was a little taken back but..her choice! I had already set aside a large chunk of money for the diamond so I just kept that figure in mind and ended up with an royal blue untreated sapphire about three times the size of the D, VS1 diamond I was going to buy. It is set in a designer platinum and 18kt yellow gold ring with side diamond trilliants. She loves it and gets many compliments. If she is happy, I am happy. If you want a sapphire...go for it!
Happy Wife, Happy Life!


Aug 25, 2003
Dear Elmo,

You have said more than most gemologist or jewelers had said.

I for one, as a jeweler, gem businessman where I think all colors are marvelous and I have often use white sapphires in the deisgn of my jewelry to keep our customers happy - but again, it is the disposition to "educate" clients where the round, brilliant cut or princess cut in the use of side stones can be just as beautiful as any "diamonds" in as far as dispersion and fire is concern.

And for anyone who wants to use sapphire or any color gems in the place of diamond will add to the many dimensions and their interest of color stones.

It is most unfortunate that the color stone industry is still in its many "funny" stages where the degree of transparency today in the Internet had totally altered the way we do business - it is the time where the talented or skilled jewelers who is capable in design and in the use of both color and diamond - along with "integrity" and knowledge will do well.

The time has come to alleviate much of the "obscurity" of color, price and with all the treatment techniques and availability. The concealing days are over.

And color stones will have just as a great future as in diamonds or any other good merchandise in jewelry. I am very optimistic and love to see the range of color of sapphires now in the market.

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