Does sizes, colours and clarity matters for diamond hoop?


May 16, 2010
Hi ladies,

I am in the midst of look out for a pair of diamond hoop in prong setting, but it is hard for me to choose between the 3 aspects in terms of colour, clarity and size of each diamond which should comes first. I am given a choice between F to G colour, VS to SI1, and 0.04cts to approximately 0.06cts. Size, Clarity and Colour, which one comes first and more important when choosing a diamond hoop so that I can save some money? Does size 0.04cts and 0.06cts, F and G, and VS to SI1 makes huge differences in our naked eyes? I have tried 25mm and 33mm hoop, I find that I look better with smaller hoops. Now my concern is, will I be able to see the inside diamonds with a 25mm hoop? Appreciate your helps and Thanks!


Mar 14, 2009
Re: Does sizes, colours and clarity matters for diamond hoop

Hi Yvonnek, I think clarity and color are defiantely less of a concern with earrings because no one is going to look that closely at your ears. Size is important because diamond size can realy change the look of a pair of earings. Well cut G SI1 should be fine for earrings and won't look noticably different from F VS. I wear WF G SI .25ctw studs on a daily basis which are gorgeous, white, and don't show any visible inclusions.

Melee diamond cut quality will be very important, and I suggest you buy from a vendor that specializes in top quality melee - Whiteflash or Brian Gavin diamonds comes to mind, but I'm sure there are other ps vendors who also have nice melee.
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