Do these specs justify the price

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Jun 30, 2002
Hi everyone,

I've been educating myself about diamonds over the last few months. Here are what I've found recently in San Diego:

The Diamond Source - Marco Levy
1.12 G Si1 Depth 61.3 59% Table GIA Cert $7,700
1.29 F Si2 Depth 60.0 58% Table GIA Cert $8,400

Robbins Brothers
.91 G Si2 60% Table crown 34.5 pav 41 $4,650
1.0 F Si2 63.3 Depth 59.5% Table $6,995

The dilema isn't about whether or not to back to Marco's store, this is just to illustrate differences in quality to everyone. As you all can see the 1.12 and the .91 are both GSi2's. At Robbins Brothers the .91 and every other diamond they brought out to me was fraught with numerous flaws visible to the naked eye. Marco's Si2 1.12's had no flaws visible to the naked eye and even under a loop it was hard to see. All were cert'd, RB's 1.0 and DS's 1.12 were both GIA, and were coming from such extremes of the spectrum it was unbelievable. Any explanations?

I was so disappointed after RB and the flaws and fireless diamonds I was presented with, even though all specs/certs seem ok, and Holloway adviser says they are all ok, in person, they are such different examples of diamonds, why?

Here's the dilemma:

Looking around the web/pricescope of superb cert and AGS000 stones, I'm being led to believe that Diamond Source is $1000-$2000 higher than the rest, given all specs the same. But should I now even trust specs given my experience with RB? Marco specializes only in "ideal cut" diamonds, with the same lighting they would have the Tiffany's effect. Does this pricing sound ok for these specs? I'm in sales and I want to see businesses make profit, but I also want to have the emotional closure of "best value."

Ring: Custom made in Platinum, three stone 4 prong each
Center: 1.12 G Si1 (Should really be a VVS1, I think GIA messed up)
Sides: .25 each, D/E VVS2
Total Cost $9,000

Ring Pre-made with .3 FSi1 rounds $2000
Center 1.0 F Si2 63.3 Depth 59.5% Table $6,995

And if you believe the quality at The Diamond Source is really what I have experienced it to be, I shouldn't look to price but really, value in deciding to buy this diamond, correct?

I'm very happy with Marco's outfit, I've purchased solitaires for my fiancee there before and am now finding myself going back because I am so compelled by the stark difference in quality.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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