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Do I give engagement ring paperwork to Fiance?


Sep 16, 2007
You totally misquoted me. I did NOT say either of those things. I never even used the word 'shallow'. Jeez girl, I hope you feel better soon, whatever is bugging you.
THIS is what I wrote:
"There is an old tradition that says a woman should not know what a man paid for her engagement ring. Now, I realize this doesn't apply today, when women pick out their own rings, tell a man what she expects and demand certain specs be met. Personally, I think that's pretty gauche. sorry.
( It's different for an "upgrade" when you might choose something together after many years of marriage. But even then, the word "upgrade" always implies that the first diamond wasn't good enough, big enough expensive enough etc. and throws sentimentality and love for the original proposal diamond right out the window...ah the art and science of marketing !! Don't let it take you off course, reset your values and cater to greed.)
So, to answer your question, no. And if her friends ask, that's just rude and weird.
I always say, "I don't know, my husband probably does". and I leave it at that."

Seriously, I must have touched a nerve and hit too close to home. Sorry if I offended you. That was not my intention.
Oh honey, bless your heart. :lol:


Nov 7, 2004
Everyone, has different values about what is important. When my (ex) husband proposed, it was in bed sans ring. We picked out a ring afterwards and yes I was very involved with picking it out because I always loved gemstones and jewelry. OTOH we eloped and my wedding dress was a sundress, because I never had dreams about a big wedding, simply getting married was special to me.
In retrospect because my parents were upset they weren't there if I had to do it again I would have a wedding but it would have been a backyard, very informal affair so the family could be part of it.
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