Difference in platinum quality?

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Jan 1, 2007
I''''ve noticed that a lot of people have purchased from the facets collection for wedding bands. My husband and I are looking to replace our wedding bands since he lost his wedding band and engagement ring that I gave him. My jeweler in St.Louis makes most of my jewelry. His prices for plain comfort fit platinum bands are around $800 for me and $900 for him (4mm). Facets prices are almost half that! I''''m suspicious as to why? Is my jeweler overpriced? What does Facets alloy their platinum with? I''''ve tried looking on their website for information on the alloy, but I can''''t find anything. I love saving money, but such a huge price difference makes me nervous. Any advice would be appreciated.


Jan 11, 2006
I seriously doubt the quality is less, but of course, it is wise to ask questions like this! Generally the brick and mortar stores just have a much higher mark-up, and the vendors who sell on the internet can lower prices due to higher volume. Many peopel on this forum have rings from Facets and are very satisfied. You might be able to do a search on here and read some reports.


Nov 14, 2006
All 4mm size 8 or whatever platinum domed bands are not created equal.

Ask your jeweler to show you a Stuller book (almost all of them have one). Even in Stuller''s book they have 3 types of domed bands I believe, a lightweight one, a standard one and a heavy one. They''re all different thicknesses and weights. Of course the heavy one that weighs double will cost double the lightweight one, give or take.

So the ring from your local jeweler may be worth every penny even if it''s double the price. You''ll have to find out how thick it is, how much it weighs, etc. in order to do a proper comparison. Platinum alloys vary slightly but for the most part they''re all 925-950PD so that won''t make too much difference. 925 or 950 means 92.5% pure, 95.0% pure, etc... If it''s 585 Platinum or something that''s a different story. I''ve heard of these cheaper platinum alloys but I''m not sure who sells them. Good luck.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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