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Apr 9, 2011
Hi. I am looking for an emerald cut diamond. Yesterday I somehow came across a diamond search engine that would let me filter the results of my search by measurements (though I could not put in any measurement requirements). I know that there is also, but the other one even listed the ratio with the measurements. If anyone happens to know which one I am referring to, it would be really helpful! It actually searches multiple jewelers, like diamondse does. There were just a few that it had that the other one didn't have, and vice versa.

I am already upset that the diamond I was going to purchase, that I had been watching for a month, got sold yesterday when I put in my order for it! Honestly, it was listed as .9, but I had to contact GIA to get the report. Apparently it was 1.44ct being sold as .90ct by mistake. It wasn't in the cards for me to get it, I guess. And it was finally paid for today by the person who purchased it yesterday. I'm just wondering if the jeweler pulled the reports and realized the mistake and purchased it themselves. I actually contacted another jeweler that had it listed to check the status with the diamond owner since the one I tried to purchase from would not return my calls or email, and only emailed me that it was sold. They didn't bother to call at all. $2K for an ideal cut, VS1... Yes, I am very upset! But, I also felt a little guilt for trying to profit from another's mistake :( At least that isn't on me anymore!

Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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