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Dec 7, 2012
OK, so I've had this diamond for about 20 years. It is from a previous marriage, and to spare my new hubby's feelings, I've been reluctant to wear it. Recently I got the great idea of resetting it so that I wouldn't feel too bad about wearing it again. I really wanted to halo it like Luckky's RB in a cushion halo YG ring but didn't want to spend the $$ right now.

I found a nice platinum setting on Loupetroop. It wasn't exactly my dream setting, but both the price and the size were right (thanks, ccuheartnurse).

I took it to my local jewelry shop. They said that the reset shouldn't be a problem since the original stone and mine were almost identical sizes. After a week I called to get an estimate of when it might be ready. They asked if they could call me back. Sure. Later that day they called and said that they couldn't find it. They are very busy with the holidays and inventory, this has never happened before, and they will keep looking. A few days later I emailed the gal I usually deal with, and she says that they still haven't found it. This is not a chain store, but it isn't a Mom & Pop outfit either. They are a reputable jeweler and will make it good. I hope.

Fortunately, I have an EGL cert from when it was purchased, and the gal at the jewelry store appraised it for me a few years ago, so there's no question about the stone. It's 1.54ct RB which didn't score so well on the thingy you use here to predict performance, but it still sparkles and looks pretty.

Has anyone ever had this happen? What should I do?



Jan 4, 2015
I would file a police report immediately. The diamond and ring were in the possession of the jeweler?

They should have THEIR insurance cover this.


Dec 7, 2012
I'm back. No one needs to reply or comment, but if you do want to chime in, go right ahead. I'm just throwing this out there for your amusement and future reference. I usually hang out in Colored Stones.

The jewelry store is offering to replace the diamond and setting. This is not a mall store and is not a Mom & Pop shop either. They buy and sell gold and used jewelry too. So far they have shown me a platinum setting that is fine with me. It's a comparable style and as nice or nicer than the one they lost. They have shown me this diamond:
1.72 ct
7.52 X 7.63 X 4.82

It looks OK to my inexperienced eye, but I said I'd think about it. I'm just not sure I want an EC when I'm accustomed to an RB, and the setting is modernish and might clash. They are waiting for another stone which is 1.82 ct, M/VS2 RB. I might go down on the color scale for a larger stone. I'll just have to see it in person. Oh, and none of these have GIA certs, but the store says that they will take the stone back if I send it to GIA and the report is less than what they claim.

My diamond that they lost came with an *EGL cert when purchased in 1998, and it also had an appraisal done by the same jewelry store that lost it. I did not show her the EGL report before she did her appraisal. Here are the results with EGL first and then the appraiser's report (the stone was in a setting).

1.54 ct 1.53 ct by formula
round brilliant
7.36 X 7.30 X 4.66 (essentially the same within 0.03)
color G color I
clarity SI1 SI2

The EGL report also included:
Proportions: GOOD
Depth: 63.5%
Table diameter: 58%
Crown height: 16%
Pavilion depth: 45%
Girdle thickness: MEDIUM FACETED
Finish grade: VERY GOOD
Photoluminescence: faint
April 2, 1998

And yes, I've read the Rapport report about EGL.

*I tried to verify this report at EGL but received an email saying that the number isn't an EGL number. There are a couple of other threads here where posters have discussed the exact same problem with documents that look exactly like mine. Their cert numbers were exactly like mine (two letters starting with A and then six numbers). So in reality, I probably didn't have an authentic EGL cert, but it accurately described the stone. Live and learn.



May 22, 2014
Wow, what an awful thing to happen to you. On the bright, you will have a new diamond to wear that won't have any connection to your ex, which will probably make your hubby happy! I have no recommendations except to look at your stone in every lighting situation To make sure you like it. Return it if there's something about it you don't like. I'm sure they want to find something that pleases you and rectifies their terrible mistake.
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