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Nov 7, 2004
I feel like I have gone through an evolution how I feel about jewelry almost full circle. I always liked jewelry, both to wear, but also to look at and admire and collect. When I finally started having my own money I loved to periodically get pieces to wear (typically silver and gemstones). Once I got on Pricescope my interest/desires and unfortunately discrimination/taste skyrocketed, = more money spent on gemstones or jewelry and having wish lists. In retrospect some of my obsession might have served as a distraction from my marriage, which made me, I don't know, lonely? Seeking some kind of validation that I wasn't completely feeling from him? I was trying to build up an identity (middle class, "successful", half of a married couple who is loved and cherished), that I don't identify with anymore.

Fast forward, I'm divorced. I still like "pretties" but something in me has moved on. Things like a new shirt or new plant, or making my house more like my home bring me joy. And if I get a new piece of jewelry, it's more likely to be silver and things the "old me" would have picked out than anything too expensive or precious.


Aug 7, 2019
Because I had been “screwed over” by the previous husband and was NOT ever going down another garden path, when my now husband asked me out on the first date I told him a second date would constitute an “engagement” and I was going to be trying for a baby as soon as we got intimate. The idea was was to send him “running for the hills”. On the second date I told him I wanted a pink diamond! Another attempt to send him running!
Fast forward a few weeks, yes mere weeks, and walking past a huge end Antique jewellery shop in a window, all by itself, was a magnificent Art Deco diamond ring with a huge EC! No price tag (but of course) so in we went. I browsed a few rings then asked to see the one in the window.
I swear my eyes must have been falling out my head and drool dripping from my mouth. I tried it on, barely able to speak, unconsciously sighed, muttered under my breath “in my dreams” and handed it back.
We then spent a few more weeks looking at minsicule pink diamonds that cost as much as a fancy car (I didn’t realize how expensive they were) and thought we were considering an oval 1.5 carat white diamond.
Fast forward a few more weeks and he proposed.
I swear I squealed and shrieked like a stuck pig (and everyone in the restaurant turned around) when the ring box was opened and inside was the Art Deco Diamond ring.
All 4.35 carats of her with 1 carat of extras.
That was nearly 20 years ago now.
So yeah, I got the man, the ring and the baby! :appl:
I love your story.
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