Diamond Buying Tutorial

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May 8, 2003
I want to thank each member of this forum, and especially the developer Leonid for the wonderful resource you have been in my successful ring purchase and engagement.

In an effort to contribute to this website, I will condense 3 months of my own research into some simple rules of thumb. Keep in mind these rules are for FRUGAL minded men looking for an absolutely stunning round brilliant solitaire engagement ring.

1. Use
2. Search for excellent cut.
2. Search for a size range that fits your budget.
3. Budget no more than 1 month''s salary.
Here is approx price/crt range:
.25-.35crt : $600-$800
.45-.55crt : $1000-$2000
.70-.80crt : $2500-$3500
.90-1.15crt : $4500-$7000
3. Search for H color.
4. Search for clarity VS2-SI1.

If you do not get enough search results with the above criteria, expand our color range to include G-I, but keep the clarity the same.

If you earn more than $7000 a month in salary I would suggest getting a 3 stone diamond rather than a solitaire. Also, ead the first paragraph of this page on this link regarding budgeting for a diamond ring

Keep in mind certain websites offer free independent appraisal, as well as free shipping. You can completely trust the integrity of the vendors listed as results from this search because all of them suffer immense impact to their business from negative customer feedback.

All the diamonds you will get by searching with this method I mentioned will be spectacular. I have visited no less than 10 local diamond brokers/retailers and none of their diamonds come close in beauty to the diamond I purchased through this search.

All this being said, my preferred vendor after all my research is Whiteflash. In my 3 months of research I have not seen one mention of a bad experience with them. They include shipping and free independent appraisal (for insurance purposes, and verification), and the branded line of diamonds they sell (called A Cut Above, or ACA)are simply jaw-dropping.

Regarding settings/sizes: Look for certain jewelry websites that offer free ring-sizing kits and sneakily "borrow" a ring from your girlfriend. Compare the ring sizing kit with your girlfriends ring and get as good a match as you can in size. Remember, if in doubt, go "slightly" larger. It would be better that she can wear the ring and it be loose, than she not be able to fit it on her finger. I spent a month looking at different styles of settings, and in the end picked an inexpensive 14k gold 4-prong tiffany setting. I think in the end, this was the best choice out of everything I looked at because it does not distract from the diamond at all, and costs thousands less.


John Wildharber

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000

Thankyou John


Feb 19, 2004
Speaking as John's now Wife, I have to whole heartedly agree with his comments above. He blew me away with the ring he bought me. I had no idea what I wanted, but I can tell you that his choice was perfect. I still have people comment about how much the diamond sparkles and how beautiful it is. He is frugal (I say we are both cheap) but he does not falter when it comes to quality. He wants the absolute best and the absolute best price. He has made me the happiest wife, and not just because of the diamond. The diamond however does remind me every day how wonderful he is and what a great quality man I got. He was willing to spend months picking out the perfect ring. Little does he know, I spent a lifetime looking for him!



Feb 19, 2004
Hi everyone,
I've been lurking on here for about a month now soaking up as much as I can prior to my fiance getting me the diamond of my dreams (he left everything up to me including price. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad).
But I have to say, this is the first time I've ever had the urge to Post.

Congrats to the both of you Raven. Your posts was true and sincere and reminded me that I don't need the best or biggest diamond out there!

I wish you both the greatest happiness and hope to see more enlightening reminders of the things that do matter; e.g. love. Also, let's see a picture of the ring!


Jan 6, 2004
On 2/19/2004 7:31:50 PM RavenWild wrote:

He was willing to spend months picking out the perfect ring. Little does he know, I spent a lifetime looking for him!

Raven---------------- sweet!


Mar 28, 2001
LOL! Great post! Congrats and welcome to the forum!
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