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DiamCalc - please help!

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Apr 6, 2003
Thanks for everyone who has helped so far - it looks like we're well on our way! I would really appreciate for someone to post the diamcalc or whatever program used to show a picture of light leakage, bowtie effect, etc. for the following pear:

Pear brilliant
carat: 1.01
length: 9.53
width: 6.24
depth: 2.86
depth %: 45.8%
table %: 58%
girdle: medium to thick, faceted
culet: none
polish: good
symmetry: good
clarity: VS1
color: E
fluorescence: medium blue
price: $4150

This diamond is certified by GIA, so I don't have a crown height %, etc. We are planning to purchase the diamond in a day or two - PLEASE offer any advice or concerns you may have...


Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
Hi Blush. This diamond has a large "spread" (surface area) and VERY shallow depth (45.8%).

Being that shallow is going to cause the diamond to look "glassy" compared to one with a more traditional depth (58-65%). Reflections of the girdle should show up within the table view with a "ripple effect" just inside the edges of the table.

With a depth of 45.8%, this diamond would technically be considered as having a "fair", or possible "poor" cut. Very seldom is a diamond with this depth able to overcome that handicap and look "good". Shallow stones also tend to "dull out" when they get dirty.

The price, being unbelievably cheap for an E/VS1, is reflecting the severe influence of the cut.

Unless this diamond is breaking all the rules and looks good to you, I think I'd take a look at some other stones for comparison. Perhaps it is a "rule breaker", and you'll come back to her in the end, but it'd be nice to know that you gave yourself some choices in the process.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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