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Black Jade

Aug 21, 2008
Just thought you guys might be interested in this story. Heard from a friend today who is from a family which has valued diamonds for a couple of generations and also bought high color/high clarity. she has some beautiful rings. A couple of years back she bought a .31 stone from me which I had bought from blue nile and decided I didn't. (they have a great return policy and I knew I could return it with no issues, but she was looking for a stone that size and liked the price, so I sold it her instead.) It is a J SI1. It is an AGS 000 ideal cut and came out very well on the HCA also. when she first bought it she mentioned that she didn't think it looked quite 'white' compared to some ofher other diamonds. However she liked enough to set it and give it to her daughter. Today (it's two years later) she emailed and told me that she finds she is always borrowing this pendant from her daughter to wear herself because she notices that when she wears it, she gets the most compliments and everyone says what a beautiful and extraordinarily sparkly diamond it is, even at the smaller size, adn that the color has never been an issue at all.

Thought you might find that interesting.

On the downside, though, similar diamonds on Blue Nile now cost $100-$150 more (all within the past two months, of course). Also, I haven't seen many AGS diamonds on Blue Nile for some time? I wonder what gives with that? They always used to have, not as many as the GIA,b ut quite a few of them. Now I don't see them. I prefer to buy the AGS cert from Blue Nile, even though GIA Ex/Ex is just as good of a diamond, because the AGS grades harder on cut which makes it easier to buy sight unseen (I am not a person to want to bother with ASETs and all of the other info, frankly.I've never been into charts and graphs and mathematical things that are trouble to read. Plus I think vendors who use them tend to charge a little more--though not always.)

Indented Natural

Sep 24, 2008
The Rapaport list went up to reflect an increase in the dealers price at the last sight.

And Blue Nile uses listings off of Rapnet, and Rapnet members don't have a fondness for AGA.
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