Custom rivet eternity wedding band—who to use?


Oct 30, 2015
Hi everyone,

The forum was very helpful with picking stones that I eventually used in my engagement ring for my fiancee. She loved it! We're getting married this year. We've now started looking at wedding bands.

She is drawn to this design but would prefer it in rose gold (to match the band from the ering):


To summarize, the band would be in 14k rose gold, would be an eternity setting, would be about 2.8 mm wide. It is basically rose gold beads set into a half round band.

Now, who do you think would be a good fit to make such a band? I know Whiteflash and ERD are options, but people tend to use them for rings with a stone setting. Would they be good options for this? Finally, and I know this is difficult to answer,what would be a price range on this kind of custom ring?

Thanks for your help!


Apr 2, 2006
Two options:

There are lots of vendors selling 14k gold bead rings. Find one whose workmanship you like and start a conversation with them... make sure they actually make their jewelry in-house and aren't just selling pieces made elsewhere.

David Klass in Los Angeles has made a custom jewelry for a lot of PS'ers at reasonable prices. You could also get a quote from him.

Bear in mind that although individual jewelers' practices vary, some jewelers will not make an exact copy of a piece designed and copyrighted by somebody else.

Good luck!

BTW have you checked to see whether the ring you tried on is available in rose gold, or whether the manufacturer can make it in rose gold for you? That's the surest way to get a ring of the same feel and quality as the original...
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